THANK YOU for applying to be a Volunteer with Scouts Canada, the largest co-ed youth-serving organization in Canada!


Volunteer Screening combined with our policies are designed to keep both youth and Scouters safe.

During the volunteer screening process, you will have the status of PENDING in MyScouts.

Once you have completed the process your status will be updated to ACTIVE. When you are active you can join in the fun and participate with youth

You have been guided to this article if you have already completed an application to become a Scouter, if this is the case a notification has been sent to the local Scouting Group you have selected; a representative will be in touch with you very soon to connect with you.


In the meantime, let’s get started! This is an outline of the process and your first steps. Once you have completed Volunteer Screening you will become a Scouter who is trusted to work with youth directly.

                                                  Getting Started!


Step 1: Login to MyScouts to read and agree to the Code of Conduct. This will appear as a pop-up immediately the first time you log in to MyScouts AFTER you have completed your registration to become a Scouter and signed out of the platform.

Step 2: Obtain a CLEAN Police Record Check / Vulnerable Sector Search (PRC/VSS) and Child Abuse Registry check (CAR) *CAR only applicable in Manitoba & Nova Scotia.

We encourage you to begin this step as soon as possible as PRC/VSS processing times vary depending on location and time of year. The sooner you can start this process the better!

To receive a PRC/VSS please visit your local police detachment to complete an application. Links for Police Services in many larger centres are linked in the document available for download at the bottom of this article. Please read the important notes before going to your detachment.

Important Notes:

  • To be valid: Scouts Canada PRC/VSS must be received specifically for Scouts Canada and must be under 3 months old. 
  • How to get it: As the process varies across the country some applications can be completed online and some only in person and some both. Attached to this article is a list of police detachments with their processes to provide PRC/VSS for major urban centres across Canada, please reference this to find out which process you should use. If your town is not included on this list please reach out to your local detachment to find out the process.
  • Non-Profit Proof of Volunteerism Letter: If in your neck of the woods you are asked to go into a police detachment to request your PRC/VSS you may need a letter verifying you are volunteering with us to make the request. This letter can cut or eliminate the cost of a PRC/VSS (if there is a cost, in many areas this is free).  To obtain a copy of this letter, please contact your Group Commissioner, Relationship Manager or Registration@scouts.ca.
  • Additional Steps / Fingerprinting: In some cases, you may be asked to provide fingerprints in order to move forward with your PRC/VSS the detachment will explain why, as these are case by case. Be prepared to take this step if asked to by your local detachment.
  • Child Abuse Registry (CAR) Applications: Manitoba and Nova Scotia volunteers please read the Child Abuse Registry - Manitoba and Nova Scotia article for how to complete the Child Abuse Registry Check (CAR) application as it is required in your provinces IN ADDITION to a PRC/VSS.

Step 3: Training PART 1: Scouting Fundamentals.

Login to MyScouts and select the David Huestis Learning Centre listed on the left side menu.

In the Learning Centre you will see ‘My Courses’. Begin with ‘Scouting Fundamentals’.

Session 1: Why Scouter is Important for Young People – 15 minutes

Session 2: How Scouting Helps Develop Well Rounded Youth – 30 minutes

Session 3: Great, Safe, Scouting Adventures – 20 minutes

Session 4: Respect in Sport For Activity Leaders – 180 minutes

Session 5: How you can help Scouting reach more young people – 55 minutes

Session 6: What comes next? – 8 minutes

Total time: 5 hrs and 8 minutes

Our Learning Centre is designed for you to work at your own pace. You can begin a session take a break and return to it when you’re ready your progress will be saved! It is also mobile-friendly so you have the freedom to complete training anywhere.


PART 2: Wood Badge l: For future reference, this is to be completed within your 1st year.

This note is to keep you informed. There are different versions of Wood Badge l based on the Scouting role you have and different ways to receive it. Please read this article (Wood Badge l FAQ) for a complete understanding.  

*Important Note Reference Check – 3 passed references: When you completed your application to become a Scouter you were asked to include references. These references are checked by a third-party organization Backcheck and when completed are automatically uploaded to your account.

If you skipped this step or have any concerns about the references you submitted when you completed your application when completing your application please inform the Scouter who reaches out to you or reach out to the Help Centre by using the button at the bottom of this page.


Step 4: Interview, when you are contacted by a member of your group you will be asked to coordinate your interview that will be done by two Scouters either virtually or in person.

This is the last step you need to complete to become an ACTIVE Scouter and begin your journey as a Scouter with Scouts Canada! Your mentorship will inspire youth to be positive and trustworthy; embrace values like kindness, acceptance and belonging to make meaningful contributions that in turn create a better world.


THANK YOU for choosing to join a movement dedicated to preparing Canada’s young people for future success through a youth-led program where they take on challenges that help develop their abilities to think critically, to plan, to innovate and; to use information in an original way.


It Starts with Scouts.


Help Centre

Still need help? Please feel free to contact the Scouts Canada Help Centre:

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