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  1. What is the Code of Conduct?
  2. Who Signs the Code of Conduct?
  3. How do I sign the Code of Conduct?
  4. What will happen if the Code of Conduct is not signed.



This article will detail information about the Code of Conduct screening requirement. To review screening requirements for Volunteers and others in a position of trust around youth, please refer to our Volunteer Screening Policy.


What is the Code of Conduct?


The Scouts Canada Code of Conduct is a written agreement which outlines a Scouter's willingness to abide by the organization's policies and procedures, and to ensure conduct is in keeping with the organizations mission and principles. This agreement is reviewed and re-signed on an annual basis as per Scouts Canada's Bylaws, Policies and Procedures (BP&P).


Who Signs the Code of Conduct?


The Code of Conduct applies to all Scouts Canada Volunteers, participants 18 years and older, and employees. It is a membership requirement.

The Code of Conduct also applies to parents and guardians who wish to participate in their child’s overnight Scouting activities and to resource people recruited to assist with a specific Scouting activity. 


How do I sign the Code of Conduct?


It will be the responsibility of each member who is required to sign the Code of Conduct to ensure they have done so by using one of the following methods:


  • In Myscouts: Simply log into after the new Code of Conduct has been released and the new Code will be displayed.  The member will then have the option to accept or decline the Code of Conduct at the bottom of the message. 
  • Through an email notification: When the annual Code of Conduct acceptance is required an email will be sent out to all active and pending Scouters, Parent Helpers, and Rover Scouts. The email will notify the member that the Code of Conduct is available for signing and ask the recipient to click on a link to sign the Code of Conduct.  This will be a similar process as signing it in myscouts and the system will record how, when, and who signed the Code. If there is more than one member sharing the same email address the email will have a link for each member.  
  • Hard Copy: It is strongly encouraged that members use the above methods to sign the Code of Conduct. However, in the rare instances where this is not possible a member can sign a hard copy of the Code of Conduct and have a Group Registrar or Commissioner update their profile accordingly in  For those members who choose to sign a physical copy of the Code of Conduct:
    1. The Group Registrar will add the code in myscouts .If this method is chosen for signing the Code of Conduct, the Group will be responsible for ensuring it is sent to their Council Office for archiving.
    2. You can access the code of conduct here


What will happen if the Code of Conduct is not signed?


If a member does not sign the Code of Conduct they will be subject to the standard notification process and consequently will receive reminder emails 30, 60, and 85 days after the new Code of Conduct has been released.  If after 90 if the member has not yet signed the Code of Conduct their membership will be set to inactive as they are not in compliance with Scouts Canada’s screening requirements.  This process will not extend the 90 day time limit for those in the process of applying to be a member of Scouts Canada.


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