Child Abuse Registry - Manitoba and Nova Scotia

We are committed to using all available avenues to make informed decisions about youth safety matters and the safety of our volunteers. Through enhanced screening measures and by staying up to date with new opportunities, we continually fulfill our duty of care—ensuring we provide safe environments for youth to experience the benefits of Scouting across the country. Child Abuse Registry (CAR) checks are our latest addition to volunteer screening, and will impact new and existing members in Manitoba and Nova Scotia Councils at no extra cost.


How to complete a Child Abuse Registry (CAR) check?

Nova Scotia

  1. Go to Child Abuse Register Nova Scotia to print and fill out the Child Abuse Register Request for Search form.
  2. Send the form to the address listed on the form along with a photocopy of your Canadian Identification

The Child Abuse Register office sites 10 days as their needed processing time. When they've completed processing if you are not on the register you will receive a certificate confirming you are not on the register.

Send the original certificate to:                                                                                                                   Scouts Canada Atlantic Service Centre                                                                                                              84 Thorne Ave                                                                                                                                            Burnside,NS                                                                                                                                                        B3B 1Y5                                                                                                                                                          *Only clean CAR certificates must be dated within 3 months of receipt will be accepted



Scouts Canada and the Manitoba Child and Family Services Division (MCFSD) have an agreement in place to provide Scouts Canada with access to the Child Abuse Registry screening. MCFSD has provided Scouts Canada with CAR screening forms intended for the use of our volunteers, specifically, to complete their registry check at no cost.

Scouters can obtain the Manitoba CAR form package from Manitoba Council or their Group Commissioner. The package will include the following items:

  1. Scouts Canada Manitoba CAR forms (3 parts)
  2. ‘So, you have been asked to provide a CAR check’ sheet from Manitoba Child and Family Services Division
  3. Scouts Canada FAQ
  4. Guidelines for completing the process and acknowledgement that consent is needed to perform a CAR check.
  5. Two examples of how to complete the form package.

The Manitoba CAR forms package has three parts. Manitoba and Scouts Canada have pre-filled certain portions of the form. The following are directions for how to complete the each part. If in doubt, consult the examples below.

  1. Complete Forms
    Note: Scouts Canada is the “Applicant”, and the individual completing the form is the “Subject”.
    a. Part 1—Consent Form
    i. Scouter (Subject) must sign and date in the space provided.
    b. Part 2—Information and Results
    i. Do not alter Sections A-1, A-2, A-3-
    ii. Section A-4: Person verifying identifications, signs “Signature of Applicant staff who verified Subject’s identification”.
    iii. Do not alter Applicant’s Signature
    iv. Section B-1 through B-7—Scouter (Subject) completes all fields.
    v. Do not alter Section C
    c. Part 3—Fee Payment (there is no cost for this check)
    i. Enter Subject’s name in space provided.
    ii. Do not alter any additional fields.
  2. Forward completed forms package (parts 1–3) to Manitoba Child and Family Service Division by email (preferred), mail or fax:
    a. Scan and email to MCFSD intake (preferred):
    ii. Subject line should read Scouts Canada—CAR Application                                                                b. Via mail:
    Manitoba Child and Family Services Division
    Child Abuse Registry
    2nd floor, 777 Portage Ave
    Winnipeg, MB,
    R3G 0N3
    c. Via Fax:
  3. After receiving the CAR forms package, MCFSD will forward the results to Scouts Canada.
  4. Safe Scouting will then notify the applicant, Group Commissioner and Member Services Administrator and Registrar of the results and your MyScouts account will be updated accordingly (external screening CAR aligns with Police Record Check / Vulnerable Sector Screening).

*Only clean CAR certificates must be dated within 3 months of receipt will be accepted


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