Scouter Role Renewal


1. How do adult Scouters renew their roles?

2.How do youth Scouters (aged 14-18) renew their roles?

3.Can Group Commissioners and/or Registrars renew roles on behalf of Scouters?


How do adult Scouters renew their roles in MyScouts

Login to MyScouts

The option to renew an adult Scouter role is listed on the left side 'My Menu' listed as 'Volunteer Renewal'.


Once selected MyScouts will ask you to confirm if you are returning in September.


Once confirmed the Code of Conduct will appear & you will be able to agree to it.



Note: If the Code of Conduct is not accepted directly following role renewal it will pop-up again the next time the Scouter logs into MyScouts

Scouters will receive an email confirming their renewal once the process is completed.


How do youth Scouters (18 and under) renew their roles in MyScouts?

New and returning Scouters under 18 years of age will need to have their parent/ guardian complete a new registration for youth annually, there isn't a 'renewal' option for youth volunteers.


Can Group Commissioners or Registrars renew roles on behalf of Scouters?

Scouters must renew in their roles independently. Neither Group Commissioners or Registrars can renew on another Scouter's behalf.


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