Closed Group Registration FAQ


  1. What is a closed Group?
  2. How can a youth register with a closed Group?
  3. How can a Group invite a youth to register?
  4. How do parents accept the invitation to register?




What is a closed Group?

A "Closed” Group is not the same as “Inactive”. It means the Group/Section restricts membership. Some of our Groups have very specific membership conditions that are set by their sponsor or are restricted to members of a certain faith.

Only in exceptional circumstances and with approval from Council may a Group be listed as “Closed”. These will appear as “By Invitation Only” to parents/guardians using the Browse Scouts Group search.

An example of an accepted reason for a “Closed” Section would be a MedVent Company requiring “Active” Participant membership with another “regular” Venturer program. (A secondary role with the MedVent Company may be added to the Participant’s profile by a Member Services Registrar at the request of the Company/Group.)


How can a youth register with a closed Group?

Closed Groups require an invitation from the Group to register with them. Families who are already affiliated with the Group (i.e. have had a child registered with them before) can be sent an invitation to register by the Group but are encouraged to waitlist their youth. New families will need to place their youth on the waitlist for the Group to be able to access their contact information to send them an invitation to join. Closed Groups should contact the families on their waitlist to ensure the youth meet their restricted membership conditions so they aren't waiting for a spot that they may not be eligible for.

If a youth does meet the restricted membership criteria, the Group needs to ask the parent to remove their child from the waitlist. Currently, only parents can remove their child from the waitlist.


How can a Group invite a youth to register?

The Group Commissioner, Group Registrar, or Group Administrator can send an invitation to register with the Group by using the Invite to Group option on the Group's profile in MyScouts.




From the Join Invitations page, select the option to Send a new Invitation to join.



Search for the parent of the youth to ensure that the invitation is sent to the person eligible to register them. You can use a partial name or the % as a wildcard term to assist in searching.



The search will open in a new window. Click the + button next to the parent you wish to send the invitation to.



Select the child that you are inviting to register.



The invitation form will be populated by the parent and child information.



You can then pick the correct Section they should register with from the Section Name drop-down menu. You can edit the expiry date of the invitation but the default length of time for an invitation is one month.

You can also customize the greeting that is sent to the parent if you wish to include any additional information.

When you're ready to send, click on Send Invitation to Parent. The invite will then be sent and recorded in the invite log:



How do parents accept the invitation to register?

The invitation is sent by email from the MyScouts Help Centre system. Invited parents will receive an email similar to the one below. To proceed with registration, they will need to click on the link that says Register Now or copy and paste that link into a web browser. They also have the option to decline the invitation.



Once a parent clicks on Register Now, they will be prompted to sign in to their MyScouts account. When they sign in they will be directed to the registration system. They can click continue and will then be automatically shown the Group they were invited to register with:


The Closed Group can now be selected and the parent can complete the registration process like they would for any other Group. Please see the Registration FAQ article linked below for a detailed walkthrough of the registration process.


How to register or renew a youth participant


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