Group Billing Codes


  1. What is a Group Billing Code (GBC)?
  2. How do groups request a Group Billing Code?
  3. How long is a Group Billing Code valid for?
  4. How can Scouters see which youth have been registered using the code?  
  5. Can one GBC be used for more than 1 Scouting year?


What is a Group Billing Code (GBC)?

Group Billing Codes are provided in exchange for direct payments made to the Group. Groups are asked to pay back the amount received within 30 days of receiving the Group Billing Code.

Families that would like to use cash or make payments installations can provide payment to the Group directly in exchange for a GBC.

If a Group sponsor would like to subsidize membership fees for an entire Group they would pay the Group directly and a GBC is provided for every member of the Group. 

How do Groups request a Group Billing code?

To apply for a Group Billing Code, the Group Commissioner, Registrar, Administrator or Treasurer contacts Membership Services by submitting a Help Desk request or emailing Please make sure to include the keywords "Group Billing Code" or "GBC" in the subject line of the request so the request is automatically prioritized.

The Group must be in good financial standing with Scouts Canada to receive a Group Billing Code.

When requesting a code the Group is asked to provide the amount they wish to receive, the names of the families receiving the code and why the code is being requested.

Example: 1st Rubberboot is requesting membership for 2 full memberships, $230 each, for Mickey Mouse and Peppa Pig both families are seeking a GBC so they can pay for membership in cash.


How long is a Group Billing Code valid for?

A GBC is valid for 30 days after the time it has been issued. 

How can Scouters see which children have been registered using the code?

If a GBC has been approved and assigned to your Group then it will be displayed in the ‘GBC’ tab of the Group profile in MyScouts. Codes used by parents will appear in the GBC tab, in the MyScouts registration and batch reports.

What happens if a parent does not pay the Group after requesting a Group Billing Code? 

Group Billing Codes must be only offered to families who have a confirmed payment arrangement with the Group. Group Billing Codes are meant to accommodate alternative methods of payment (cash or a 3rd party subsidy such as Jumpstart) rather than as a loan from the Group as essentially a GBC is a loan the Group is taking from their local Council. 

If a family is low-income and cannot pay the fee Scouts Canada has subsidies in place to assist. The No One Left Behind Subsidy is available for both fees and participation. 


Can one GBC be used to register for more than one scouting year?

No. Codes are assigned a specific year.



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