Group Fees in MyScouts


  1. What is the Group Fee and how is it set?
  2. How to view or delete the Group Fee
  3. How do groups receive their Group Fee from Scouts Canada?


What is the Group Fee and how is it set?

The Group Fee are dues set by the group that exist in addition to the National Registration Fee. Groups are not required to charge a fee.

Group Fees are set in MyScouts on the primary Group Page (where the Group Committee are listed).

  1. Access the Group Page
  2. From the menu, under Org Options, select Add Fee
  3. The Add/Edit Organization Fees popup window will appear
  4. Select Member Type - 'Participant'
  5. Select the required Registration Year.
  6. In the Amount field, enter the Group Fee
  7. Select To and From dates. This allows groups to update the Group Fee throughout the season. The fee will be charged within the bracket of dates entered. Enter zero if no Group Fee is to be charged.
  8. Save



How to view or delete the Group Fee?

Access the Group dashboard (the tabs on the Group Page)

Click on the Fees tab (see screen shot)

To delete the Group Fee select the Red Dot on the left side before the year is listed

Updating or adding the Group Fee can also be done by selecting Edit from this screen. When selected the Add/Edit Organization Fees pop-up window will appear.

How do groups receive their Group Fees from Scouts Canada?

Group fees are paid to Groups by electronic fund transfer (EFT) the month after the registration has been made.

Groups must ensure their banking is up to date with our national finance team to receive Group Fees. For help with setting up or questions about group bank accounts reach out to 



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