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  1. Membership status
  2. Volunteer Screening and Training
  3. System Logic terms
  4. Organizational Hierarchy


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This document outlines the various terms or indicators used by to reflect information stored as part of our organization or individual records.


Membership Status:

Membership status indicates the current status of an individual relative to full registration with Scouts Canada.

  • Inactive:  The individual has no current role entered onto the system. An individual with an 'inactive' status is not typically viewable by anyone in MyScouts. All details of their record are maintained in the system, and are only accessible personally or by system administrators.
  • Not Renewed: The 'Not Renewed' status is used temporarily by the system to indicate members that are currently 'Inactive', but were 'Active' in the previous registration year.
  • Pending: The individual has registered in the current Scouting Year as a volunteer member of Scouts Canada and is Pending completion of the Volunteer Screening & Training requirements.

Please note: A 'Pending' participant role indicate that an online registration has been undertaken but not completed.

  • Active: The individual has registered in the current Scouting Year as a volunteer member of Scouts Canada and is fully compliant in regards to their Volunteer Screening & Training requirements.

Please note: An 'Active' participant role indicates that the individual has fully registered in the current Scouting Year as a Participant.



Volunteer Screening

Volunteers in 'Pending' status are shown together with indicators of the missing elements of their screening. Due to visual space constraints in these views, as well as on membership reports, the terms have abbreviated. They are listed in the 'requires' column of an individual and defined by the following below:

  • CYS = Child & Youth Safety- Filled by completing Safe Scouting for Parents (if they are a parent overnight helper) and for all other Scouters Respect in Sport for Activity Leaders- Part of "Scouting Fundamentals"
  • ACC = Accessibility Training (AODA) - Part of "Scouting Fundamentals"
  • WB1 = Wood Badge l 
  • MS1 = Milestone in Wood Badge training
  • SF = Scouting Fundamentals
  • Note: Volunteers cannot count for ratio until MS1 requirement is filled.
  • CoC = Agreement to the Code of Conduct - recorded via MyScouts
  • Int = Interview information
  • Ref = Reference Check
  • PRC = Police Records Check
    Note: Although required upon expiration of existing PRC, a volunteer may remain Active during the current registration period if awaiting a renewed PRC to be completed. At the end of the registration period (August 31st), the Volunteer must have a new PRC to be designated as Active. 
  • VSS = Vulnerable Sector Screening
  • Cap = Approval by Council Executive Director for new Volunteers.
  • SSP = Safe Scouting for Parents



System Logic Terms

  • Organization: Records in are stored either as "Organization" or "Individual" records. Organization records represent any group/council/area/section, etc. within the organization regardless of hierarchical placement (see Organizational Hierarchy below). Organizations can be parents or children of each other. For example, Scouts Canada is an organization (the highest parent level), but so is the 73rd London Colony (which is a child organization of the 73rd London Group).
  • Individual: Each unique person involved with or accessing Scouts Canada is stored as an Individual Record.
  • Parent Organization - The organization which provides direct support to any given organization. For example, Scouts Canada is the parent organization to Tri-shores Council OR 3rd Toronto Group is the parent organization to the 3rd Toronto Beaver Scout Colony.
  • Child Organization - The organization(s) which are directly supported by any given organization. For example, all twenty Councils across the country are the child organization to Scouts Canada OR the 70th London Beavers, Scouts, Cubs, Venturers, and Rovers are the Child Organization to the 70th London Group.
  • Primary Organization - Each registered member of Scouts Canada may have a variety of Volunteer/Participant/Employee roles. records a designated "Primary Role" for the purposes of identifying a point of registration.



Organizational Hierarchy

Scouts Canada is structured to provide Volunteer and employee support to our sections. The support structure exists as described below, and is reflected in through the organizational hierarchy. Much of the role permissions within MyScouts are based on this hierarchy and generated through the hierarchy

  1. National Organization - Scouts Canada
  2. Councils - 20 Across The Country Councils are child organizations to Scouts Canada, and represent twenty geographical divisions across the country.
  3. Areas - Direct support to groups usually tied to a municipality or county within a Council.
  4. Groups - Direct support to sections, maintains a relationship with a community sponsor such as a Church or Community Hall.
  5. Sections - Beaver Scouts, Cub Scouts, Scouts, Venturer Scouts, or Rover Scouts



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