Wood Badge I for The Canadian Path self-assessment (alternative option to complete WBI CP)


How to use the self-assessment tool to complete Wood Badge l

One of the ways to get started on your achieving your Wood Badge I learning milestone is to begin with a self-assessment of your current skills and competencies and how they align with the Scouter Development Map competency framework.

Get started: Login to MyScouts and go to the David Huestis Learning Centre

  1. Click on Scouter Development Map from the Table of Contents
  2. Carefully read through the instructions
  3. Complete the Scouter Development Map – Self Assessment Quiz
  4. You can use the Resource: Scouter Development Map as a reference after you complete your self-assessment.
  5. A personalized Action Plan for Skills Development will be created for you based on your self-assessment.




Understanding the self-assessment (Step 3 above)

For each competency statement, select your current Learning Stage based on past experience.

You will automatically be awarded the Competency badge for each skill when you reach the required Learning Stage as part of your Wood Badge I for The Canadian Path.




Once the self-assessment is completed a personalized Action Plan for Skills Development is created. The sessions included in the action plan are ones you are asked to complete in order to complete Wood Badge l for The Canadian Path.

When you first complete the self-assessment will appear & a list of your needed sessions will appear for your reference. Once you move off this page your Action Plan for Skills Development is found under 'Wood Badge l' / Content





This chart shows how badges for each skill (credits) are received by the competency statements selected.

For example, the Patrol Systems badge (credit) is received if 'I can' or 'I have' are selected whereas the Plan for Youth-Led badge (credit) is received if ' I know, I can & I have' are selected.




Help Centre

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