How to Share Awards to your Learning Centre Profile

Sharing your Awards (certificates and badges) to your profile will allow your Group Commissioner and Support Scouters to easily view your learning completions from your profile.

You will be awarded a badge for each Session you complete.

IMPORTANT: The system takes a few moments to issue your badge once you complete a session or milestone, please be patient.

When you are awarded with a badge for completion, you will see a pop-up notice like this:


To view all of your awards for this course, click on Awards from the top navigation bar.


a. From the "My Awards" view you will be able to "Share" your certificates and badges to your profile.

b. You can use the search function to bring up specific badges.

c. Additional filter options allow you to see only badges or certificates and include awards from other courses (i.e.: Scouting Fundamentals).

d. Certificates are issued once you complete a learning milestone. Click on the badge to view completion information and to download a PDF Certificate of Completion.


e. Badges are issued once you complete individual Sessions.

f. shareicon.pngClick on the Share link to Share your award to your profile.


This will allow your Group Commissioner and Support Scouters to easily view your completions from your profile.


{Screenshot: Learner Progress view for Support Scouters}

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