Police Record Check (PRC) Renewals

1. When are existing volunteers (Scouters) asked to renew their Police Record Check (PRC)?

2. Are Scouters asked to renew their Vulnerable Sector Search/Check?

3. How do Scouters complete a PRC renewal?


1. When are volunteers (Scouters) asked to renew their Police Record Check (PRC)?

Volunteers must renew their Police Records Check (PRC) every 3 years to remain compliant with Scouts Canada Screening Procedure.

2. Are Scouters asked to renew their Vulnerable Sector Search/Check?

Scouters are asked for a new passed Vulnerable Sector Search/Check if they have been inactive in MyScouts for a period of more than 3 years.

3. How do Scouters complete a PRC Renewal?

a) Existing volunteers may renew their PRC online using the myBackcheck website:


**Note: This is the only 3rd party site that can be used for PRC renewals. We DO NOT accept PRCs completed through CERTN or TRITON. As well, Backcheck can only be used for PRC RENEWALS. For new PRCs, you will need to visit your local police department**

Renewal using our 3rd party site Backcheck does incur the cost of $20 plus tax

** Note: You may need to share the results of your renewed PRC with Scouts Canada if your records are not updated **


Start by selecting your Council from the drop-down menu on the Scouts Canada/Backcheck landing page:



Then enter your postal code and log in using your existing credentials. If you have never used Backcheck you may need to register an account.



When you land on your account you should see an invitation in the inbox:



Click on the item in the inbox:


Confirm that the price is clearly listed at $20 and that the package contains the Local Police Information search that meets our volunteer screening requirements for PRC renewals.

NOTE: If you do not see the $20 PRC option or an invitation from Scouts Canada, stop right there and ask for assistance from registration@scouts.ca.  You may either need an invitation sent to your account or need to log in again properly to return to the dedicated Scouts Canada path.


How to share your renewed PRC with Scouts Canada: When viewing your completed check(s) in the ‘myAccount’ tab, the ‘View&Share’ button is on the right-hand side. This button will direct you to the detailed results, also providing the share option. Search the list of available organizations by typing the organization's name in the white bar. The list of relative options will appear as a drop-down menu. Select the appropriate organization and location. When ready, click on the "Share" button and your results will be transferred to the organization you requested.



b) Existing volunteers may also renew their PRC via their local police detachment. Volunteers who are only renewing their PRC must ensure that their PRC includes a Criminal Records and Judicial Matters Check.

Depending on location this can be done in 2 ways:

In Person or Online

When completing a PRC renewal online or in-person a letter needs to be requested that confirms they are receiving the check to volunteer with Scouts Canada. This letter (depending on location) eliminates the cost of the check. Request this letter from your Group directly.

Please reference How to receive a Police Record Check / Vulnerable Sector Search across Canada by Province for your local information.

1. In Person

Present the letter to your local detachment and request a complete Police Record Check with a Vulnerable Sector Search/Check

2. Online

Completing a PRC Renewal online is a bit different. As some provinces offer more than 1 option when completing a renewal online.

For a PRC Renewals Scouts Canada is SPECIFICALLY SEEKING a:



For PRC Renewals Scouts Canada is UNABLE TO ACCEPT a:





Help Centre

Still need help? Please feel free to contact the Scouts Canada Help Centre:

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