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Since the spring of 2016 Scouts Canada has offered complimentary membership for the current Scouting year to any new Scout registering for the next Scouting year. 

What this means is that from the middle of May to the end of August a parent of a new Scout can register for the next Scouting year, which starts in September, and start Scouting before the start of the next registration year.

This promotion has been popular and has received much positive feedback from parents, Scouters and other members of Scouts Canada. However, there is room for improvement to this offer to ensure that a parent registers their child in a Section that does indeed offer summer programming.

The existing process makes it possible for a parent to register their child in a Section with an expectation that their child can take part in Scouting activities during the summer. Then after they register in a Section they discover that the Section is not offering summer programming and they are told to wait until the start of the new Scouting year to start Scouting.

This leads to upset parents and disappointed youth. For Scouters and ASM’s this means that they will need to spend time to transfer the youth to another section that is running summer programs, or as a last resort refund the parent.

To resolve this issue the registration process and the Find A Group process now enables Sections to indicate if they are or are not running summer programs and this information is displayed to the parent before registering in a Section. The parent can make an informed choice as to which section they register their child and avoid the disappointment and hassles of registering their child in a Section that does not meet their needs.

For Scouters and ASM’s this reduces the unnecessary administrative burden of correcting a registration in a wrong Section.


Adding Summer Programming Option in MyScouts

To avoid this potential issue, Group Commissioners, Group Registrars, ASM’s and Section Scouters can now go into a Section profile and indicate that the section is offering summer programming.

When ‘Summer Programs Offered’ is set to ‘Yes’ in MyScouts, Find a Group will be updated so that ‘Summer Programs Offered’ will be displayed to the parent. This will also enable a parent to register new Scout and make use of the complimentary membership for the current scouting year.

To indicate that the section is offering summer programming in MyScouts:

  • Go to a Section profile using the Find Organization function or organization hierarchy links in MyScouts.
  • In the Section Profile Select ‘Edit Meeting Details’ from the left hand ‘Org Options’ 



In the ‘Edit Meeting Details’ window scroll down until you get to the ‘Summer Programs Offered’ field. Then select ‘Yes’ from the drop down. 


Change the value in the ‘Summer Programs Offered’ field from the default of ‘No’ to ‘Yes’. After this is set to "Yes" Find A Group will now display ‘Summer Programs Offered’ and will enable the parent to make use of the complimentary membership for the current year.



New to Spring Registration

Also new for 2018 Spring Registration is that after May 1st it will no longer be possible to register a returning Scout for the current 2017-2018 year. This will prevent parents from registering in the wrong year and the subsequent administrative burden to correct the error.

New Scouts will also not be able to register only for the current 2017-2018 year.  They will have the choice of either opting for the complimentary 2017-2018 membership when registering for next year or, registering for next year only if the section does not offer summer programs. 

If the section is offering summer programs and has capacity for next year then after the parent selects ‘Register Participant’ from Find a Group the following will be displayed:


 If the section is not offering summer programs or if the section is not setup in MyScouts for registrations this year then the following will be displayed to the parent.


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