How to set-up online self-registration banking for your group

This article will instruct you on how to set up online self-registration for your Group. This will allow new and returning Parents to register their youth themselves online.

One of the prerequisites for online self-registration is setup of Group bank account information to deposit Group proceeds collected through the online payment system. Once collected, the appropriate fee for each level of Scouts Canada will be separated and forwarded by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) to the appropriate Group.

How to set up online self-registration

In order to offer the opportunity of online self-registration, the following information is required from each group:

  • Name and address of the banking institution;
  • Name of the account holder as it appears on the bank statements/cheques;
  • Transit number
  • Account number
  • A void cheque (scanned copy is fine)
For more information on Electronic Funds transfer from the National Service Centre to your Group, please contact the Scouts Canada Help Centre using the Submit Request button at the bottom of this article.
  1. Access the required organization profile
  2. From the menu, under Org Options, select Edit Organization Details.
  3. The last option on the Edit Organization Details popup window, is the Activate Online Registration toggle - it appears as follows:
    Online registrations cannot be activated until Group bank account information (attached) is on file with Scouts Canada; completion and submission of the form attached to this article will ensure that these details are recorded in; 
  4. To enable Online Self-Registration, select 'Yes' under the Activate Online Registrations drop-down menu. To opt out of online self-registration and payments, select 'No'.

    Note: Online self-registration is activated for a group after 3 actions occur:
    • The National Service Centre checks 'Bank account received by finance' in admin.
    • The National Service Centre checks 'Allow online registration and payment' in Admin. 
    • The Group Registrar checks 'Activate online registration.' in
  5. Until online self-registration is activated, the Register button will not be visible in the Find A Group feature as part of the online self-registration process.
  6. To close the Edit Organization Details popup window, click on the xmodal.JPG icon.
    To save the Activate online registration request for this organization, click on the SAVE UPDATES button.

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