How to say 'Thanks!' to a Scouts Canada member

Saying Thanks to a Scouts Canada volunteer for their outstanding contributions to Scouting is this easy:

  • Any stakeholder involved in Scouting, including volunteers, youth members, parents, and the wider community, can express their appreciation for a Scouter or Staff member's exceptional contribution or service within Scouting. This can be done by filling out a straightforward form designed for commendations.
  • When a Scouter is commended for the first time by a stakeholder, they will receive a certificate acknowledging their commendable actions. This certificate will be presented during a gathering of the Scouter's section or group. Subsequent commendations will be communicated through email. It is important to note that all commendations are documented in the Scouter's MyScouts Recognition profile for record-keeping purposes.
  • Furthermore, as Scouters receive commendations and accumulate them over time, they will become eligible for the Outstanding Service Awards. This recognition is a significant milestone for Scouters and is accompanied by the presentation of a medal and uniform insignia for each award received. These awards not only serve as a token of appreciation but also highlight the dedication and commitment of Scouters to the Scouting movement.


Templates and Certificate Generators


Groups can create and print a diverse range of certificates to acknowledge significant milestones such as years of service, sponsor appreciation, and volunteer recognition. These certificates serve as a tangible token of appreciation and can be customized to suit the specific occasion and recipient. When it comes to recognizing the dedication and commitment of individuals within a group, certificates play a crucial role in expressing gratitude and fostering a sense of belonging. They not only celebrate achievements but also motivate recipients to continue their valuable contributions.


Years of Service Certificate Generator

Sponsor Appreciation Certificate

Volunteer Appreciation Certificate


More information and resources are available at our main Recognition page.


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