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    1. What is changing?
    2. Are there new screening requirements?
    3. When will these changes take effect?
    4. Does this add more administrative work for Groups?
    5. I am a Scouting parent. How do these changes affect me?
    6. I am a Group Commissioner/Registrar. How do these changes affect my role?




Over the last year, Scouts Canada has implemented a number of changes to make sure that our Groups are receiving the support that they need to deliver high-quality programs and help grow the Scouting movement in Canada. We have introduced the Group Support Model, launched a brand-new Learning Management System and created new Functional Teams to provide our volunteers with new opportunities to get involved with Scouts Canada.

In the spirit of these updates, key changes have been made to MyScouts to improve access to critical information, automate certain administrative functions and update system messaging


What is changing?

Council Approval: This is now specific to the Council with which a volunteer is associated. If a Scouter decides to volunteer in another Council, their application will be reviewed for approval to ensure that they continue to meet our membership requirements. Council Approval will now reset after a break in service greater than one year, and the volunteer’s screening will be reviewed before approval is granted.

Group Commissioner Approval (GCap): Group Commissioners now only provide approval for the volunteers in their Group; they are no longer responsible for activating them. The approval is provided in the Scouter Approval interface for returning members and recorded in the initial interview for new members (the Commissioner Approval field). Volunteers who have not received this approval will show “GCap” in the requires field in their MyScouts page.


Automatic Activation: The volunteer activation process has been automated. MyScouts will frequently check for volunteers with pending roles and no outstanding screening requirements and automatically activate them, sending a note to the volunteer and their Group Commissioner and Registrar to update them on the status change.

Area removal: Areas are being removed from MyScouts. They were officially dissolved at the beginning of the 2019-20 Scouting Year, but many roles were maintained to ease with the transition from the Area Support Model to the Group Support Model. CK3s and the Group Support Centre have worked diligently to ensure that all Groups have an assigned Relationship Manager to directly support them.

Group Contact Display: The name and contact information for each youth’s key Scouter contact is now published in youth’s MyScouts page for convenience.



Relationship Manager Display: The name and contact information for each Group’s Relationship Manager will now be displayed on the Group’s MyScouts page.

Updated System Communications: We have revised the system communications that are sent to volunteers regarding outstanding membership requirements to ensure that the messaging is aligned with our current Policies and Procedures. We have also introduced an activation notice that will be sent to all volunteers when their role is activated.


Are there new screening requirements?

No, there are no new screening requirements. Commissioner approval (GCap) has always existed and is a required component of recording the interview. It is now a transparent requirement that must be actively provided by Group Commissioners every year when volunteer appointments are being confirmed through the Scouter Approval interface.


When will these changes take effect?

Many of these changes have already been implemented. The final piece – the removal of Area organizations – will be completed on April 23, 2020.


Does this add more administrative work for Groups?

No. These changes were intended to reduce the amount of administrative work that Groups do to manage their volunteers in MyScouts. Volunteers will now be activated automatically and key contacts will be notified when they are activated.


I am a Scouting parent. How do these changes affect me?

You will now be able to locate the contact information for your child’s Scout Group directly within MyScouts so that you can proactively reach out to your child’s Group with any questions or concerns.


I am a Group Commissioner/Registrar. How do these changes affect my role?

You are no longer required or able to activate volunteers from MyScouts. This will now happen automatically once all screening elements have been completed.

You will also need to ensure that all volunteers are approved annually through the Scouter Approval tool and make certain that Commissioner Approval is provided when entering interviews for all new volunteers.

Lastly, please make sure that all Sections in your Group have a defined primary contact (i.e. Section Contact Scouter) as this information is used to populate the Group Contact display for parents.


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