Learner Progress Tool – Restricted Access for Group, Council and National roles.

 The following article describes instructions for navigating the NEW David Huestis Learning Centre - officially launched on November 22nd, 2019.


Learner Progress tool gives you the ability to track how far along a Scouter is in their development journey.


Note: You will most likely see not a lot of learner progress at this time, as we are unable to bring over progression within a course/session from the previous Learning Centre - only course/session completions by issuing Awards. As learners begin to complete eLearning within this new platform, the Learner Progress tool will become more valuable.


To access Learner Progress, you must first go to the course you would like track.


Click on Scouting Fundamentals, or Wood Badge I from the My Courses widget on the Learning Centre homepage, or use the Waffle icon at top of the page.



Once you are in a course, click Learner Progress from the top navigation bar.


  1. Use the Search bar to find the Scouter you would like to track. *TIP* If there are learners with the same name, you can search using their Member Number (ex: 10215625)
  2. The Content Completed, Objectives and Logins columns provides a high-level view of their progress.
  3. Hover of the Scouter’s name to view any Awards they have achieved and shared to their profile. 

IMPORTANT: Learners must "Share" awards to their profile for you to view them using this tool. Instructions on how to share award to profile, click here.

Click on the Scouter’s name to view more details.


{Screenshot of when you hover over Scouter’s name}


Progress Summary


  1. Hover of the Scouter’s name to view any Awards they have achieved and shared to their profile.
  2. Use Progress Summary menu to view more details.
  3. Content progress breaks down the content pieces the Scouter has visited.
  4. Course Access shows when the Scouter has accessed the course.
  5. Login History shows when the Scouters has logged into the David Huestis Learning Centre.


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