Scouting Fundamentals & Respect in Sport - My Learning Path to Becoming a Scouter

As part of your Volunteer screening requirements, in order to become a Scouter, you must complete Scouting Fundamentals and Respect in Sport for Activity Leaders course.

The following article describes your learning journey in the NEW David Huestis Learning Centre launched November 22nd, 2019.

How to access Scouting Fundamentals

From the David Huestis Learning Centre homepage, click on Scouting Fundamentals from the My Courses widget.


You will land on the Scouting Fundamentals Course Home page.


  1. My Home will bring you to the Learning Centre homepage.
  2. Course Home will bring you to this course homepage.
  3. Content will bring you to the course content.
  4. Awards will show you the certificates and badges you have earned from completing learning content.
  5. Learner Progress will show you your course progress summary.
  6. Useful Links will bring you to resources on and Help links will direct you to the Help Centre and Online Support Centre.
  7. Announcements widget will show you instructions and share important information.
  8. Explore My Learning Content widget will allow you to quickly jump to a content topic within the course.

To get started, click on Content from the top navigation bar.

 Navigating Course ContentSF_-_Content_Page_-_Progress_w_letters.jpg

  1. Table of Contents on the left side will help you navigate through the course. The numbers in the boxes next to each Session title tell you how many content topics are outstanding to complete. Use the Table of Contents to jump to various Sessions and topics within the course.
  2. Session description will show you the Learning Outcomes for each session and estimated duration.
  3. The Progress bar will show you how far you are along the learning for this session.
  4. To begin the session, click on a content topic from the list. You will see a checkmark once you have completed the topic.

Content Browser Navigation


When you click on a content topic within a course, you will open a content browser.

  1. Breadcrumb navigation allows you to keep track and maintain awareness of your locations within the course.
  2. Expandable Table of Contents will let you jump to various topics of the course. Click on the arrow to expand the Table of Contents.
  3. Topic content area shows the learning content. Animated content will have icons to turn closed captions on/off, turn audio on/off and pause/play content.
  4. bookmark.pngBookmark topics to save them to your Bookmarks list for quick access or to review later.
  5. expanding.pngClick on the expanding arrow icon to view content in a new window.
  6. forward_previous_button.pngWhen you complete the topic, click on the Forward button to move to the next topic. Use the Previous button to view the previous topic.
  7. Activity Details section provides information about the content and/or what is required to complete the topic.

Accessing Respect in Sport for Activity Leaders

From the Scouting Fundamentals course Table of Contents:

  1. Click on Respect in Sport for Activity Leaders
  2. Click on the access link, a new browser window will open redirecting you to the Respect in Sport course.

Once you complete the course, you will be awarded a Respect in Sport certificate badge.


Read more information about Respect in Sport course here.

 Awards for Scouting Fundamentals & Respect in Sport

 You will be awarded a badge for each Session you complete.

IMPORTANT: The system takes a few moments to issue your badge, please be patient.

When you are awarded with a badge for completion, you will see a pop-up notice like this:



To view all of your awards for this course, click on Awards from the top navigation bar.


  1. There are two ways to view your awards:
    1. My Awards – shown in the screenshot above.
    2. View Available Awards – display a list of awards with checkmarks beside the ones you have earned. (Screenshot below).
  2. Use the Search function to filter your awards.
  3. Additional filter options allow you to see only badges or certificates and include awards from other courses (i.e.: Wood Badge I).
  4. Certificates are issued once you complete the full course. Click on the icon to view completion information and to download a PDF Certificate of Completion.


    1. Badges are issued once you complete individual Sessions.

  1. shareicon.pngClick on the Share link to Share your award to your profile – this will allow your Group Commissioner and Support Scouters to easily view your completions from your profile.


{Screenshot: Learner Progress view for Support Scouters}


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