How to Access and Navigate the NEW David Huestis Learning Centre

Welcome to the David Huestis Learning Centre.

The following article describes instructions for navigating the NEW David Huestis Learning Centre launched November 22nd, 2019.

This is your Scouter Development platform where will access learning that will help you become a confident and capable Scouter.

This is where you will access Scouting Fundamentals, Respect in Sport, and eLearning courses to help you achieve your Wood Badge I learning milestone and additional optional learning.

Below are steps to help you become familiar with the David Huestis Learning Centre and navigating the system.


How to access the David Huestis Learning Centre

To access the learning centre:

  1. Log into your MyScouts account.
  2. Click on the David Huestis Learning Centre button in the left sidebar.

You will land on the homepage (screenshot below).


Navigating the David Huestis Learning Centre


  1. Scouts Canada Logo: Click on the top-left logo icon wherever you are in the Learning Centre to return to the homepage. 
  1. Waffle icon: When clicked, will show you a list of courses you are currently enrolled in with the ability to quickly jump to that course by clicking on the course name.


  1. Notification icons will alert you when you have earned an award by completing a course and other important information.



  1. Access your Profile by clicking on your name/profile picture. This is where you can update your profile photo, view notifications, progress and log out of the Learning Centre.
  2. My Home top navigation bar includes links to resources and various areas within the Learning Centre including:
    • (a) Return to your MyScouts
    • (b) View your Awards for completed learning.
    • (c) View your Learner Progress.
    • (d) Access Discover – a course catalogue tool.
    • (e) Jump to Scouts Canada resources under Useful Links.
    • (f) Help links you to the Online Support Centre and Help Centre.


Exploring the David Huestis Learning Centre Homepage


  1. My Courses widget shows the courses you are enrolled in. You will start with access to Scouting Fundamentals and Wood Badge I.

 Pinning a Course Tip: You can “pin” a course to the top of your My Courses widget by hovering over the course, click on the three-dot button and click “Pin”.



  1. Announcement widget will show you special instructions, share information and announce new learning when it becomes available.


  1. Video widget shares fun and interesting videos from Scouts Canada’s YouTube channel for you to enjoy.
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