The New David Huestis Learning Centre - FAQ

Scouts Canada is very excited to have partnered with D2L (Desire2Learn) to implement a new Brightspace Learning Management System (LMS). This personalized, mobile-friendly and intuitive platform for online learning will enhance Scouts Canada’s training of volunteers and staff, tracking competencies as they’re acquired through the Scouter Development Model.



Frequently Asked Questions


Q. When is the current platform shutting off?

A. The previous platform will shut off on Friday. November 29th. You have until midnight (PST) on Thursday, November 28 if you would like to complete any sessions you have in progress. Learning in progress cannot be brought over to the new platform—only completed sessions and milestones will be saved and transferred.


Q. Will my training be brought over?

A. eLearning milestones, which are saved in MyScouts under the training tab, are saved and brought over to the new platform. Completed individual sessions are also transferred to the new platform. If a learner has started but not completed a session, the progress of this session will not be saved.


Q. Why has Scouts Canada invested in a new platform?

A. Enabling our volunteers and staff to acquire the knowledge and skills they need to be successful is critical to accomplishing our mission. Given that eLearning is one of the primary tools used for Volunteer Development, Scouts Canada has invested in a Learning Management System capable of meeting the current and long-term needs of our volunteers.


Q. When will the new Learning Centre be ready?

A. The new David Huestis Learning Centre is now live! 


Q. How do I access the platform? 

A. The new platform can be accessed directly through your MyScouts profile by clicking on "NEW David Huestis Learning Centre" button from the main left-side menu.


Q. How does the new platform differ from the current one?

A. The new platform offers a personalized learning experience based on specific Scouting roles: i.e. Section Scouter, Group Committee member, Group Commissioner, etc. Learners will be automatically enrolled in the training relevant to their roles.

The new platform is mobile friendly, compatible with both smartphones and tablets.

Finally, the new learning management system will help Scouts Canada to offer training to volunteers whose needs were not previously accommodated; the platform is built to be fully accessible for individuals who use screen-reader software and other assisted technologies. We will be working through the learning content to expand accessibility as we do updates.


Q. What can we expect from the new platform?

A. Our immediate priority for the new Learning Management System is replacing the old platform with all of our current training and individual eLearning milestones. It is too early to say what will come next with this project, but the new platform allows for many possibilities.


Q. How much will the training cost? What about Respect in Sport?

A. Training will continue to be free of cost for Scouts Canada volunteers, with the exception of Respect in Sport (as it is now). For more details on the cost of Respect in Sport, click here.


Q. How will the Scouter Development Model fit into the new David Huestis Learning Centre?

A. Section Scouters have the opportunity to complete a self-assessment for each competency statement; they will select their current Learning Stage based on past experience.

A learner will be awarded a digital badge for each Learning Stage of Wood Badge I for The Canadian Path as it is completed.

You can review the Scouter Development Model here.

Download the Scouter Development Map here.


Q. How will this affect Group Commissioners?

A. Group Commissioners have the ability to see the learning progress of the Scouters in their Groups. This will allow Group Commissioners to effectively support Scouters as they learn and work through Scouts Canada’s required training.

For instructions on how Group Commissioners can see the learning progress of their Scouter, please visit, Learner Progress Tool – Restricted Access for Group, Council and National roles. Live online training webinars will also be offered, and recordings of these webinars will be made available in the coming weeks. 

Q. Has any learning content changed?

A. None of the learning content has changed, nor has the duration of the training. However, users may notice some changes to the format of content in some sessions. For example, some content has been broken down into subtopics to more clearly show progression within the platform.


Q. Will parents (non-Scouters) have access to the new David Huestis Learning Centre?

A. No. Only registered Scouts Canada volunteers and Scouts Canada employees will have access to the new David Huestis Learning Centre. Adult helpers required to complete “Safe Scouting for Parents” will have access to the course from within their MyScouts profile (note that this training may also be required of adults who are not parents). Further instructions, please visit, How to access Safe Scouting for Parents.


Q. What additional support is coming?

A. For tutorials and more information about the new David Huestis Learning Centre, please visit our Online Support Centre. If you have any questions or experience any issues, please email:


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