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General Questions

  1. Why have we changed BP&P?
  2. What will make BP&P different?
  3. Who was consulted on the changes?
  4. What is the difference between policies, procedures and standards?
  5. How much is changing?
  6. Are these the last changes?
  7. BP&P was a big document. Will this be bigger?
  8. What has been removed and where can I find it?
  9. What do I do if I don’t understand something in BP&P or have questions?


1. Why have we changed BP&P?

Over the past few years, our members have indicated that they find it difficult to locate the policies and procedures they need to access in order to deliver great, safe Scouting adventures. Sections of BP&P were difficult to understand, others were outdated, and some policies and procedures were missing from the online resource. We wanted to update BP&P in order to make it more useful to our members and easier for Scouts Canada to maintain and update as required.


2. What will make BP&P different?

The new format will have three key advantages:

1. Plain, simple language that quickly gets to the important points of each Policy and Procedure;

2. All Policies and Procedures in one location, with access to the all of the resources needed to comply with them: They will be searchable, and each Policy and Procedure will contain links to the relevant forms, frequently asked questions and any related resources.

3. By simplifying and centralizing BP&P, Scouts Canada will better able to ensure that all information is current and accessible to every member.


3. Who was consulted on the changes?

Scouters across Canada had the opportunity to provide input on how BP&P could be improved. Over 1,700 Scouters participated in online surveys and conference calls and provided input on each individual Policy and Procedure. They also provided input on how BP&P could be made more accessible and more useful to them. This input is directly reflected in the enhanced BP&P.


4. What is the difference between policies, procedures and standards?

• Policies explain why we do something, as established by Scouts Canada’s Board of Governors
• Procedures explain how to do something. The steps are clearly defined for Scouters and Staff.
• Standards explain the specific requirements that must be met before we do something.


5. How much is changing?

• There are twenty-three policies. Twenty-two have been updated
• Six (6) policies were cancelled because they duplicated others or have been replaced with procedures
• 11 procedures and standards aren’t changing
• We edited 19 standards and procedures to make them easier to understand
• We changed 11 standards and procedures
• We added 10 new standards and procedures


6. Are these the last changes?


No—over the next few months, we will add:

• A new search feature that will help Scouters find the documents they need for their role or for specific activities.
• Definitions of terms that people may not understand


7. BP&P was a big document. Will this be bigger?

In terms of “page count”, the enhanced BP&P will be much shorter and to-the-point. We have removed redundancies, simplified

the language significantly, and removed much of the content that was unrelated to our organization’s Policies and Procedures.


8. What has been removed and where can I find it?

• Structure (2000)—will become part of the new “About Scouts Canada” page,
• Membership and Registration (3000)—the MyScouts Guide replaces this section;
• Appointments and Positions (4000)—Job descriptions will be related resources to the Key 3 Shared Leadership Policy and
the Membership and Registration Procedure;
• Programs (5000)—the program descriptions has been replaced by Scouts Canada’s Program is The Canadian Path;
• Scouter Development (6000)—is now explained on the Scouter Resources page;
• Uniforms and Insignia (8000)—is now part of Scout Shop page;
• Recognition/Honours and Awards—is also explained on the Scouter Resources page;
• Accepted Practices For Conducting Outdoor Activities (10000) will be replaced with up to date standards in the future;
• Accounting and Fundraising Principles (11000)—new Group and Section financial management tools will be available in
the coming months;
• Risk Management (12000)—updated risk assessment, risk management and emergency management resources are being
• Forms—for each Standard and Procedure, the necessary form will be linked.


 9. What do I do if I don’t understand something in BP&P or have questions?

We have developed answers to questions that relate to each Policy, Standard and Procedure, and you will find links to them throughout BP&P. As we receive questions, we will also update and improve the FAQs. The FAQs are the first place where you should look for answers. If you don’t see your question reflected, then contact the Help Centre. They have been briefed on all aspects of the enhanced BP&P and will be able to provide you with answers. They will also direct your question to our Web support team for addition to the FAQs.



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