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This article provides the the revised process of adding interviews and references to a Scouter's MyScouts profile.




Prior to the August 2018 MyScouts screening update, interviews and references were ‘portable’. When an active Scouter transferred to a new Scout Group, their interviews and passed references from the previous Scout Group ‘travelled’ with them. As long as they had a passed interview and three passed references, they were considered Volunteer Ready in MyScouts. 

The interview and reference checks completed by the new Group were not recorded or factored into the readiness determination by MyScouts.

The August 2018 MyScouts update enabled the new Scout Group to record a new interview and references in MyScouts that is specific to their Group.

If an interview and reference specific to the new Group are not recorded in MyScouts, the Scouter will be considered as not meeting the conditions of membership and will receive three Scouter readiness notifications (known as ‘30/60/90’).

When a Scouter changes Groups they are asked to complete a new reference check and interview. References are to be done manually either by email or telephone by the Group Commissioner. References are not automatically sent to Backcheck if added in MyScouts when a Scouter already has 3 passed references on file from another Group. This is why the Group Commissioner is asked to complete references manually.

Please note: The Scouter can choose to use the same people for their reference check as they have previously, however, a new reference check and interview must be completed by the new Group.

For active Scouters in more than one Group, the MyScouts update added interviews and references for all of their Groups . This avoided the unnecessary burden of manually adding interviews and references for existing Scouters who had already completed this screening process.   

Commissioners will now need to ensure that all Scouters registering with a new Group complete an interview and reference check and add these to the Scouter's profile.



How can I add group-specific interviews to a Scouter's profile in MyScouts?

The process to add group-specific interviews and references has not changed significantly from the current process.

      1. Open a member’s profile and under 'Admin Options’ select the screening option from the left-hand menu. 

     2. From the Screening window that opens, select the Interview tab.

         3. Notice that, in the Interview tab, Scouter Bob has two roles but neither of them has an interview.  Select ‘Add Interview’. 

New to the process is the addition of an ‘Organization Name’ field. Simply select the name of the organization you want to add the interview and fill in the rest of the Volunteer Screening information as was done in the past.

In this example, the Commissioner who logged into MyScouts was an Area Commissioner so has the permission to add an interview to either organization. The 1st Expedition Commissioner would only be able to add an interview with the 1st Expedition Group.



How can I add group-specific references to a Scouter's profile in MyScouts?

This process is very similar to the way references were previously added and to the way interviews are now added.  To add group-specific references:

  1. Open a member’s profile and under 'Admin Options’ select the 'Screening' option from the left-hand menu. 
  2. In the Screening window, select the references tab.
  3. The References tab now has a drop-down menu that Commissioners or Registrars can use to add the Group to the reference.

For most Scouters there will only be one Group and it will not be necessary to select a Group.


In the event that the Group is not selected or the incorrect Group is selected, the Commissioner can change the organization in the ‘Add Reference’ page. Aside from the ability to select a different Group or organization, the rest of the 'Add Reference' page is the same as before.


This is how the page should appear once you have successfully added the reference manually:


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