How to add Interviews and References in MyScouts

  1. How to add an interview to a Scouter's MyScouts account
  2. How to add references to a Scouter's account in MyScouts
  3. How to fulfill the reference requirement for Scouter's who transfer to a new group

Interviews FAQ

Reference Checks FAQ

How to add an interview to a Scouter's MyScouts account

Interviews are completed by two interviewers who have completed interview training called 'Volunteer Screening: It is our Duty" (26 minutes) located in the David Huestis Learning Centre accessed through your MyScouts account.

The Group Commissioner and Registrar have the permissions in MyScouts to add interviews to a Scouter's MyScouts account.

Login to MyScouts and open a member’s profile by using 'Find an Individual' under 'Admin Options’ in their account select the screening option from the left-hand menu. 

From the Screening window that opens, select the Interview tab and Add Interview to add a new interview.

If the group is already listed under Organization Name select 'Add' listed next to the group listed with the missing interview.

Next add the interview information. Remember to make sure the right group is chosen using the 'Organization Name' tab.

 Here is the Screening Interview Guide used for adult Scouter Interviews. Youth are interviewed a bit differently, although the questions in MyScouts remain the same, for youth follow the Interview Assessment Guide for Youth Aged Applicants

These are the questions listed in MyScouts that need to be responded YES to (using the drop down feature)to qualify as a successful interview.

Commits to appropriate adult volunteer/participant interaction.
Commits to providing challenging programs.
Commits to active expression of the Mission, Principles and Promise.
Commits to outdoor programming.
Commits to personal development.
Commits to be a positive role model.
Commits to being open, honest and objective.
Commits to Shared Leadership Approach.
Commits to child protection and safe programming.


When completed the interview will be listed with a 'Completed' status in green.

How to add references to a Scouter's account in MyScouts
Manual reference checks are completed by Group Commissioners or Registrars when:
1. New Scouters who did not include references when they complete their application to become a Scouter.
2. When a Scouter has returned from a break-in-service longer than 1 year.
3. When a Scouter transfers to a new group. Note: this process is slightly different. See question 3.

Note: Scouters who have returned from a break-in-service longer than 1 year references checked can be the same references the Scouter used in the past can be reached out to again as long as they meet the current reference criteria.

Reference Criteria
a. A co-worker or workplace supervisor
b. If the individual has volunteered with another youth-serving organization, a person from the organization. Where the applicant has volunteered with another organization and has not provided a reference from that organization, the file is referred to the Safe Scouting Department
c. Others who can attest to the person’s character
d. At least two references who have known the applicant for the past five years
e. More character references, when a workplace or youth-serving organization reference cannot be provided


Questions for a manual reference check for the reference:
1. Would you recommend the candidate?
2. How well does the candidate work with adults?
3. How well does the candidate work with youth?
4. Would you entrust this candidate with the care of your own child?
5. What is your relationship to candidate?
6. How long have you known the candidate?


Adding references:
These can be completed by phone or email by the Group Commissioner or Registrar.
3 passed references are required for new Scouters & Scouters returning from a break-in-service for over 1 year.
1. Open a member’s profile and under 'Admin Options’ select the 'Screening Menu'
2. In the Screening window, select the references tab.
3. The References tab now has a drop-down menu that Commissioners or Registrars can use to add the Group to the reference.



In the event that the Group is not selected or the incorrect Group is selected, the Commissioner can change the organization in the ‘Add Reference’ page. Aside from the ability to select a different Group or organization, the rest of the 'Add Reference' page is the same as before.


This is how the page should appear once you have successfully added a reference manually.


How to fulfill the reference requirement for Scouter's who transfer to a new Group

Scouters who are already fully-screened in accordance with our current Volunteer Screening Procedure and are transferring to a new group are asked to complete a fresh interview with their new group and receive a passed reference from the Group Commissioner of their former Group.

Group Commissioners complete this reference check manually by calling or emailing the Scouter's former Group Commissioner. This is the only reference needed to fulfill the criteria.

Once the reference from the former Group Commissioner has been received the new Group Commissioner adds the reference to the Scouters account.

Fill out the form in full

The 'Organization Name' selected from the drop down menu is the new Group. 

The 'Status' of the reference check is listed as PASS

The former Group Commissioner's email address and date the reference was received are included

Important: Include a note explaining that the Scouter is transferring to their Group and the reference is from the Scouter's former Group Commissioner.


Be sure to include any additional reference notes beneath the note explaining this is the former Group's Group Commissioner reference for the transferring participant.

Next, include the remaining needed reference responses. These questions can be viewed in MyScouts or above in question 2.

Once the information has been entered be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom and SAVE the information.



Lastly, update the main reference page.

Select 'Add' for all passed references on this page, including of course the new Group Commissioner. The system requires at least 3 references in MyScouts to be selected, however, we only need the former Group Commissioner's reference to fulfill the requirement. This is why it is OK in this circumstance only to select 'Add' for formally received passed references in addition to the new Group Commissioner's reference.

Important note for Group Commissioners, reach out to your Relationship Managers if you have any trouble with these steps they will be able to assist you.




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