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  1. Who are Youth Volunteers?
  2. Do Youth Volunteers count towards Ratio?
  3. What about Youth Volunteers and the Two Scouter Rule?
  4. How do Youth Volunteer and Adult Volunteer roles differ?
  5. How does registration for a Youth Volunteer differ from an Adult Volunteer?
  6. What is the registration process for a Youth Volunteer?



This article is designed to provide information on how to register as a Youth Volunteer and general information about becoming a Youth Volunteer.



Who are Youth Volunteers?

Youth Volunteers are Scouters 14-17 years old. Youth who volunteer as Scouters are, traditionally, participants in Scouts and Venturers. Youth Volunteers are seeking leadership and service opportunities within Scouting. Like adult Scouters, they hold a position of trust and have a duty of care to younger children.

Youth who are not members of Scouts and Venturers are also able to become Youth Volunteers. These youth are required to complete the same Volunteer Screening Criteria as youth who are registered in the program.


Do Youth Volunteers count towards Ratio?

Yes. Youth Volunteers do count towards Ratio.


What about Youth Volunteers and the Two Scouter Rule?

Youth under the age of 18 that have completed their Volunteer Screening Criteria are considered to be adult Scouters for the purposes of the Two Scouter Rule.

Youth in leadership roles within their own Section or in support of another Section who have not completed Volunteer Screening requirements are not considered Scouters.



How do Youth Volunteer and Adult Volunteer roles differ?

Adults are asked to provide a Police Record Check and Vulnerable Sector Screening. Youth cannot receive these checks due to their age. 


Youth Volunteers Screening Criteria include


eLearning: Scouting Fundamentals (including Respect in Sport for Activity Leaders) & Wood Badge l for The Canadian Path.


Code of Conduct: When a Youth Volunteer receives access to his or her MyScouts account and registers as a Colony or Pack Scouter (these are the roles for a Youth Volunteer in MyScouts that can be selected directly – for other roles such as Deputy Youth Commissioner etc… the Group Commissioner will assign the role). The Code of Conduct must be agreed to and signed and will automatically appear in MyScouts the 1st time a Youth Volunteer logs in after completing registration to become a Volunteer. Agreeing to the Code of Conduct is agreeing to respect our safety guidelines and procedures.


Interview: Generally, the same guidelines are followed when interviewing adult Volunteers as Youth Volunteers. The difference between the two processes is that Youth Volunteers complete a two-part interview where during the second part of the interview the Youth Scouter's parent/guardian is present to ensure there is an understanding by all parties of the Youth's new Scouter role.


Reference check: Youth Volunteers require 3 passed references. References are received via MyScouts and are processed through Backcheck. Alternatively, Group Commissioners may process reference checks via phone if required due to extenuating circumstances. Please note, this is a secondary option to be utilized as an alternative to the Backcheck process.


Council Approval: The new Youth Volunteer’s area Council Service Centre must confirm all Volunteer Screening Criteria are completed prior to having the Youth Volunteer’s status made Active. This step is receiving Council Approval.



How does registration for a Youth Volunteer differ from an Adult Volunteer?

Registration differs as Scouts and Venturers who become Youth Volunteers must contact the Help Centre to gain independent access to their current MyScouts account. 

Youth are unable to create an independently accessible account via MyScouts as the platform is designed to only provide access to those 18+ years of age.

Youth who request to become Volunteers will be asked to provide the Help Centre with a new email address that will be unique to their account. This email address will be used to provide youth with independent access to their account.

When youth are registered as participants they are registered through a parent/guardian account, making the parent or guardian the administrator of his or her youth’s account. When a request is made to receive access to a youth’s account, the Help Centre will change the email address for the youth’s current MyScouts account to the new email address received. The Help Centre will also give the youth access so that he or she may log in independently without having to log in through a parent’s/guardian’s account.



What is the registration process for a Youth Volunteer?

Youth Volunteers who are already program participants (Scouts and Venturers) will be given independent access to their current MyScouts account by use of a new email address that they will provide to their Group Commissioner to be added to their account prior to completing their registration to become a Volunteer.

Once access is provided Youth Volunteers will register via MyScouts as a Colony or Pack Scouter. As Youth Volunteers are under 18 years of age MyScouts will recognize they are youth and will omit the Police Record Check / Vulnerable Sector Screening requirement.



a) The youth's parent/guardian will login into their parent/guardian account

b) Once the parent /guardian is logged in they will select 'Register as a Volunteer' is selected a screen will appear where the parent/guardian can select the youth as the Volunteer, once the youth is chosen to proceed through the next series of screens to complete their registration.

This process is specifically for youth aged 14-17. Once a youth turns 18 they will be able to register as a Volunteer on their own. 

Please note: the two roles available to register for within MyScouts are Scouter and Contact Scouter.  

Once registration is complete the parent/guardian can double check that the registration was successful by selecting the green icon next to the youth's name, if the registration is complete the youth will have the title of their new role next to their name. 


Help Centre

Still need help? Please feel free to contact the Scouts Canada Help Centre:





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