Youth Volunteers

  1. Who are youth Volunteers?
  2. How to register or renew as a Youth Volunteer?
  3. Do youth volunteers count towards Ratio and the Two Scouter Rule?
  4. Does screening differ between youth and adult volunteers?
  5. How does registration for a youth volunteer differ from an adult volunteer? 
  6. Scouters under the age of 18 and the Two Scouter Rule

    How to register or renew a youth participant



Who are Youth Volunteers?

Youth Volunteers are Scouters 14-17 years old. Youth who volunteer as Scouters are, traditionally, participants in Scouts and Venturers. Youth Volunteers are seeking leadership and service opportunities within Scouting. Like adult Scouters, they hold a position of trust and have a duty of care to younger children.

Youth who are not members of Scouts and Venturers are also able to become Youth Volunteers. These youth are required to complete the same Volunteer Screening Criteria as youth who are registered in the program.


How to register or renew a Youth Volunteer?

Youth Volunteers are registered by a parent/guardian.

Parent/guardian logins to MyScouts and selects 'Register as a Volunteer', moves through the process.


If the parent/guardian account is not connected to the youth's account (because the youth is not a member) select 'New Member' when asked to select which Member is being registered as a Volunteer from your account (see screen shot). mceclip0.png

Youth members must be registered every year by their parent/guardian, they cannot be 'renewed' in the same way an adult Volunteer registration is . When the youth turns 18 they are no longer a 'youth' in our system and are asked to create their own MyScouts account and register themselves as Volunteers.


Do youth volunteers count towards Ratio and the Two Scouter Rule?

Yes. Youth Volunteers do count towards Ratio and the Two Scouter Rule as long as the section (Colony, Pack, Troop) have at least two registered Scouters who are 18 years of age.


How does screening differ between youth and adult volunteers?

Adult volunteers are asked to provide a Police Record Check and Vulnerable Sector Check. Youth volunteers cannot receive these checks due to their age.

Youth are also interviewed a bit differently using the Interview Assessment Guide for Youth Aged Applicants


Scouters under the age of 18 and the Two Scouter Rule

Youth under the age of 18 that are appointed to positions of responsibility, such as Activity Leaders or Youth Commissioners, are considered to be adult Scouters for the purposes of the Two Scouter Rule as long as they have completed the screening and training requirements expected of Scouts Canada Volunteers. Youth in leadership roles within their own Section or in support of another Section, such as Cub Scouts helping at Colony activities, are not considered Scouters. These are leadership opportunities that all youth should have and are part of the Scouting program.

Scouts Canada acknowledges that youth in responsible positions under the age of 18, while acting in their capacity as Volunteers, will by necessity have private one-on-one conversations with people over the age of 18. These conversations are not seen as harmful or suspicious in other circumstances outside of Scouts. With that said, we must ensure that young Scouters and their parents are aware that it is inappropriate for an adult Scouter to repeatedly seek out opportunities to be alone with them or to display undue attention or affection towards them. Scouts Canada believes these young Volunteers are responsible enough to take care of youth, hold confidential information, deal with sensitive situations, and are capable of having private conversations and interactions with adults without creating risk and liability. Therefore, Volunteers are not bound to the Two Scouter Rule when interacting with members under the age of 18 who are acting in a Volunteer capacity.



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