How to add a Top Section Award in MyScouts


How to add a Top Section Award in MyScouts in Five Steps

Step 1 - Find Recipient of the Top Section Award: Login to MyScouts and use the ‘Find an Individual’ option to find the recipient of the Top Section Award. Alternatively, use the ‘Find an Organization’ option to find the Group and select the name of the recipient from the Group’s list of participants.  


Step 2 - Select ‘Add Recognition’: Found under ‘Admin Options’ within ‘My Menu’.


Step 3 - Select Top Section Award: Include the name of the Top Section award in the ‘Search Recognition’ field. Once included the Top Section Award name will appear and can be selected.


The names of the Top Section Awards 


Step 4 - Add Recognition Details: Add the application, approval and recognition date before clicking 'save'. The award is now added to the youth's profile!


Step 5 - View newly added Top Section Award: To see your newly added Top Section Award return to the youth’s MyScouts Account. The Top Section Award will be listed within the youth’s profile under ‘My Recognition’. 




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