How to register a 1st-time youth participant: Step-by-step using JOIN



  1. How do I prepare to register my child as a first-time participant?
  2. How to register my child as a first-time participant
  3. How to resume registration
  4. What happens after my child has been registered?



This article is a step-by-step guide on 'How to register a 1st-time youth participant' with Scouts Canada. 


How do I prepare to register my child as a first-time participant?

1) Be prepared to include personal information about your youth. Specifically, 3 emergency contacts, information such as Provincial Healthcare Number, insurance details, doctor's contact information, allergies, dietary restrictions, medical conditions & special care instructions.

2) Ensure you are using a desktop or laptop computer with access to the internet. Mobile and handheld devices are not always compatible with the system and are best to avoid. 

3) Method of payment. Paying fees are the final step when completing registration. Acceptable methods of payment are credit card; Visa, Mastercard and AMEX, debit and PayPal.

Note: The option to pay via Group Billing code will appear only if your Group has given you the option to use a Group Billing code. 


How to register my child as a first-time participant

Go to: JOIN Select ' LET'S GET STARTED' found at the bottom of the page






Select 'Let's Get Started' once selected you will be brought to a page asking you to include your email address.

If you already have an email address aligned with a MyScouts account please include the address already linked with your MyScouts account. .



Step 1: Collect Information

Begin with yourself (parent) 






mceclip5.pngThis concludes requested parent/guardian information. Select 'NEXT' to be taken back to the 'MY FAMILY' page.

Step 2: Create your youth's account






*Note the Emergency Contact information requested when you created your Parent/Guardian registration are the same Emergency Contacts listed for your youth, this is why when you create your youth's account the Emergency Contacts you included previously will appear.


A Parent/Guardian account is required when you register youth in Scouting. When you register your youth their account will be linked with your account.


Join allows you to bypass the step of entering your postal code to search for a Group. Join will use the postal code you included in 'Step 1: Collect Information'



The nearest Group to the postal code previously included in 'Step 1: Collect Information' with capacity will appear. If you would like to see all Groups select the blue icon 'See All Groups' 

If you select 'See All Groups' this is the page that will appear 





A full list of all Groups in your area will appear. 

If Groups offer summer programming you will see a sunshine icon followed by a note stating the 'Program runs throughout the summer. If a Group runs a program from September until June nothing additional is listed. 


If a Group is full you will have the opportunity to be added to the sections wait list. 


When you choose 'Select this Group' you are brought to your 'My Family' page. Tick off the box located under 'Sign up' to register your youth 

mceclip24.png           ANDmceclip26.png



After you select 'Continue' you will be brought to a page asking you if you are able to help out. 





Once you select 'Continue' you will be brought to 'Terms and Conditions'







Select 'Continue' and you will be brought to Step 3: MAKE PAYMENT



Select 'Continue' to move forward with payment

Lastly, you will complete the payment information. You have the choice of payment via credit card (Visa/Mastercard/AMEX), debit, PayPal or Group Billing code (the option to use a Group Billing Code will only appear if the Group has made the option available). If a Group Billing Code is available the option will appear as shown in screen-shot below.

Reminder: Scouts Canada divides its fees into two portions, the National Registration Fee, and a Group Fee (if applicable), these are added together to give a final fee amount that is listed under Cost. Fees are inclusive of taxes.




If your purchase is successful you will be brought to your receipt. At the bottom of the page you will see the option to close - this completes your registration!



If you choose to move forward with completing the information at a later time the categories can be found within My Menu under Member Options in your MyScouts account.

  • Emergency information: 3 emergency contacts
  • Medical Information: Provincial healthcare number, physician information, insurance information, allergies, dietary restrictions, conditions or concerns to be aware of, date of most recent tetanus shot and swimming abilities (swimmer or non-swimmer)
  • Directory, Photo & Fundraising Options: Photo release and communication consents
  • Parent/Guardian: Involvement survey 


Once your payment has been processed your receipt will appear. You will be able to access your receipt at any time (if your payment is made online) by selecting Reprint Receipt from your Member Options menu. 


How to resume registration

If you abandon the registration process part way through you will be able to resume your child’s registration.

Log back into MyScouts and select the tab titled Incomplete Registrations. Select Resume to pick up where you left off, or Delete to remove the registration completely.   


What happens after my child has been registered?

After your youth has been registered you will receive an email confirmation explaining that you will be contacted by a Scouter with your youth's new Group. You should be contacted within a week of registration. 



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