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  1. Can we do Personal Achievements badges for the whole Section?
  2. Can youth make their own Personal Achievement badges?
  3. Can the Personal Achievement Badge Plan-Do-Review TEMPLATE.PDF be made fillable?
  4. Why are the badges so tiny?



“Personal Achievement Badges” are designed to allow youth to explore and expand skills and knowledge in areas that are of particular interest to them. On The Canadian Path, Personal Achievement badges are strictly optional. It is recognized that activities outside of Scouting add to youth’s growth in the SPICES and to their “personal progression.” Work on Personal Achievement badges allows youth to further develop individual interests and skills, and to have that development recognized as part of their growth and progression on The Canadian Path.

  • There are 16 Personal Achievement badges for each of Scouts Canada’s first three Sections (Beavers, Cubs and Scouts), and the themes are consistent so that youth can develop their skills as they continue their journey on The Canadian Path.
  • The Personal Achievement badges are achieved individually by youth who choose to make these badges part of their personal Scouting journey.
  • The Personal Achievement badges follow the Plan-Do-Review process.
  • There are no set requirements for the badges. Instead, each badge has an objective supported by a few guidelines.
  • A Personal Achievement badge may be achieved more than once, as long as a youth fulfills a new set of personal goals.
  • Most importantly, completing the adventures for the badge must be exciting, fun and challenging for the youth!

For a detailed understanding of Personal Achievement badges, please see the Guide to Scout Personal Achievement Badges.


 Can we do Personal Achievements badges for the whole Section?

Goal setting is important life skill and it is a huge part of Scouting. Although Sections can set a goal for the whole Section and allow everyone to work towards it, this is not encouraged and it should not be a regular practice. Goal setting should be a Section activity when youth are planning their adventures for the Scouting Year or for the next program cycle. However, Personal Achievement badges, as the name implies, are meant to be personal goals.               

Every youth is different. Individual goals will vary from youth to youth for each badge. Allow each youth to set personal goals and support them while they work to achieve their goals. Remember to review the experience when the adventures are done. This is the process that will maximize individual growth, which is the objective of The Canadian Path.                                                   

If a Section decides to create Personal Achievement badge goals for the whole Section, Scouters should be very diligent to ensure that none to the youth can already demonstrate the required skill or goal. This can often be a challenge, which is why this practice is not encouraged.


 Can youth make their own Personal Achievement badges?

Youth have a lot of flexibility with the Personal Achievement badge framework, and any goal that a youth would like to pursue should be compatible with at least one of the badges. Youth are not required to pick from the suggested Personal Achievement badge adventures provided; they may choose any adventure that interests them and is related to that badge. If a youth is unsure which Personal Achievement badge relates to a particular goal, he or she is encouraged to get the opinion of a parent, a senior youth within the Section or a Scouter.


 Can the Personal Achievement Badge Plan-Do-Review TEMPLATE.PDF be made fillable?

The PAB Plan-Do-Review templates are meant to be completed by each individual youth, with a Scouter, parent or Howler / Patrol Leader. The Canadian Path team will look into making the templates fillable, but this will not be a convenient format for most meeting locations. You can, however, purchase tear-away packs of 25 Section-specific PAB sheets from scoutshop.ca or your local Scout Shop. 


 Or you can print individual Plan-Do-Review template sheets from scouts.ca


 Why are the badges so tiny?

The badges are small so that youth can fit them all on their uniforms. In general, the badges are not significantly smaller than they were with the previous program. The Personal Achievement badges are the exact same size as the previous “Activity/Challenge badges”, for example.


These are the Personal Achievement Badges by section

Beaver Scouts

Cub Scouts


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