How to use Immediate Activations for youth


  1. How this will be used in Myscouts
  2. How will this be used for online self-registrations



When a new Participant is registered between May and September, they will have the option to be active as soon as the registration is complete instead of deferring their start to September 1st. New Scouts will be able to participate in Scouting activities through August of the Scouting year.  Even if a child’s Group is not as active during summer months as they are throughout the rest of the year, membership provides access to summer camps and opportunities to participate with other Scouting Groups in summer activities.

This option will apply for self-registrations as well as registrations done by groups. 


How this will be used in Myscouts (Registrar/Commissioner)

After registration opens in May, during the registration process where the Registrar selects a registration year there will be a ‘Both Years: Now until August 31st 20**’ option when selecting a Scouting year to register. 

If this option is selected for a new participant or an inactive participant who is re-joining Scouts, then the member will pay the registration fee for the next scouting year but will have an active role created for the current year and the next year. 

If the registrar selects the 'both registration year' option for a returning member a new role for the current year will not be created.  This feature is to prevent duplicate roles for this year being created. 


How this will be used for online self-registrations

After the two week advanced registration period has passed and registering new members for the upcoming Scouting year is enabled in, a parent will see the Both Year’s option when selecting a registration year. 

  • With self-registrations through the Find a Group function section capacity is enforced. As a result if the section is full or if next year’s capacity has not yet been set then the next year and the ‘Both Years’ option will not be displayed.   

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