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From May 1st-22nd parents will be able to renew their children in the same Group, before the general public, so that returning youth have priority when registering for a new season.  Registering new participants or returning participants in a new Group will be available after this 3 week period.

Groups will still be able to register both new and returning Scouts.


How to renew your youth early

In the 'My Family' tab of your profile there is a renewal icon will that will be displayed for any child who has an active participant role for the current Scouting year.

When the renewal icon is selected a window will open that will list all the sections in the Group with the current section noted by a red asterisk ‘*’ and the suggested section, based on the age of the member highlighted in green.

The parent then selects the ‘register’ button beside the appropriate section to start the standard self-registration process.


Additional Notes

  • The renew icon will work after the two week advanced registration and even until after the start of the next Scouting year on September 1st
  • If the child already has an active Scout role for the next Scouting year then the renew option will not be displayed. This is to prevent you from inadvertently creating a duplicate registration. 
  • The renew icon will not be displayed for inactive children. To register an inactive child you will need to go through the Find-a-Group feature.
  • The renew icon will not display if the parent has no Date of Birth populated on their profile.

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