How to use Program Quality Awards in Myscouts.


  1. How to view Seasonal Assessments and Program Quality Awards
  2. How to administer seasonal assessments and Program Quality Awards in
  3. How to report on Program Quality Awards and Seasonal Assessments in




The purpose of this article is to provide a guide for users to view, administer and report on Seasonal Assessments and Program Quality Awards(PQA) in You will find details on the PQA requirements here.


To View Seasonal Assessments and Program Quality Awards

To view Seasonal Assessments (SA) and Program Quality Awards (PQA) go to a Group or Section organization profile in In the organization profile, click the ‘PQA’ tab from the main work area. This tab will appear even if there are no SA or PQA within the Group or Section. However, the tab will not appear in an Area or Council organization profile.



When the PQA tab is selected in a Group profile, the work area will display a list of all Sections in a Group in the first column. The columns to the right or the Section name will display an appropriate Seasonal Assessment icon if that assessment has been completed and entered into 

The display will show all SA from the current Scouting Year and the previous Scouting Year. If no SA icon is displayed, the assessment has not been entered.

An ‘edit’ button will be displayed if the user has an active role of Commissioner, Registrar or Area Support Manager.



A ‘PQA’ tab is also displayed in a Section profile. When selected, this tab will display all Seasonal Assessments and Program Quality Awards for the current Scouting Year and the previous Scouting Year. 

Note that if a Section has received a PQA in the current or previous Scouting Year a PQA badge will be displayed in the top right corner of a Section profile. The PQA icon will also be displayed in the ‘Find a Group’ feature of 




How to administer Seasonal Assessments and Program Quality Awards in

As mentioned in the previous section, any user who can view a Group or Section profile in can also view any SA or PQA for the Group or Section.

The ability to add Seasonal Assessments is limited to users with an active role of Group Commissioner, Area Commissioner, Council Commissioner, Area Youth Commissioner, Council Youth Commissioner, Group Registrar, Area Registrar, Council Registrar or Area Support Manager.

To add Seasonal Assessments, go into the PQA tab in the Group profile and click the ‘edit’ button on the far right side that corresponds to the Section to which you want to add a SA. In this illustration, the edit button was selected for the ‘1st Expedition B Pack’.


A Seasonal Assessment administration page will open. This page is a ‘one stop shop’ where a commissioner can add any SA for any Section within the Group. 

The administration page is comprised of two parts. The top part is a table of all Sections in the Group and all cycles for the last two years.  The bottom part is used to enter SA information and save. 

You can click on and ‘X’ or checkmark to either add or update any Seasonal Assessment. Make sure that you have selected the correct Section when adding or updating a Seasonal Assessment.

The `Completion Date’ is the date on which the Section performed the assessment. The `Verification Date` is the date on which the Group Commissioner completed the review with the Section Scouter.

Remember, the ‘edit’ button beside the 1st Expedition B Pack was selected from the PQA tab to get to the administration page. When the administration page opens, the default Section is the B Pack and the default cycle is the next cycle after the last SA completed. In our illustration, the B Pack had completed a Fall 2016 SA. When the administration page opens up, winter 2016 is the default.



How to report on Program Quality Awards and Seasonal Assessments in

On the left hand menu of the organization profile or the individual member profile page, click ‘Reports’ to access the Reports page.


A ‘Program Quality Awards& Seasonal Assessment’ report is listed on the main reports page in the Management Reports section. 


Select the ‘View Report’ button from the main reports page.  This will open a report setup page in a new browser tab.  In the report setup page select the organization, Scouting Year, output format and then ‘Run Report’. 


Report Setup Page:


The report will list all PQA’s and SA for all ‘child’ organizations selected.  For example if an area is selected then the report will list all PQA’s and SA for all sections in the area. 

While it is possible to output to a PDF or Word document, the ‘To Screen’ or Excel options are recommended. 


Report Output:

In this example a report output is ‘To Screen’ and was run at a Council organization. 


Select the ‘+’ icon to the left of the Council Name to expand the organization hierarchy to areas.  Likewise do the same for areas and groups to view detailed section information.  


The report is structured so that Seasonal Assessments for each cycle and PQA for the year are either a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ value.  Parent organizations (i.e. groups, areas and council) are ‘roll ups’ of the Yes value. 

The number of full time sections within each of the rolled up organizations is used to calculate the percentage of sections with a PQA for the Scouting year. 

There is also a print option in the top left corner of the ‘On-Screen’ report.


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