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  1. What is MS1?
  2. What is Ratio?
  3. When is MS1 required?
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This article will provide you with details on the MS1 requirement in myscouts, and it's relation to the Ratio policy


What is MS1?


MS1 is a myscouts coding abbreviation for Milestone 1.

  • As of September 2016 the MS1 requirement for section Scouters is met by completing Wood Badge 1 for The Canadian Path.
  • MS1 is also filled by having a Section-specific Wood Badge 1 completed (please note that these are no longer available online).
  • For Group Committee Scouters, the MS1 requirement is filled by completing Wood Badge 1 for Group Committee.
  • For Group Commissioners only, the MS1 requirement is filled by completing Wood Badge 1 for Group Commissioners.


Please visit this article for more information on Wood Badge 1 for The Canadian Path.


When is MS1 required?:


MS1 must be completed by the start of the Scouter's second year of volunteering at the latest.

Scouters will not count for Ratio until the Scouter has the MS1 requirement met.


Ratio policy:


For every 8 Scouts, 1 Scouter must be present with no fewer than 2 present at all times.


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