How do I find and contact my local Group?



  1. How to use Find a Group


The 'Find a group' page is designed to connect you with the 10 closest groups to you based on your postal code and the age category of the section you are searching.


How to use Find a Group


  • Your local group can be found by using the Find-a-Group locator here.              
  • On the ‘Find a Group’ page you can enter your postal code and applicable age group.



  • You will be given a map of where your nearest groups are and basic information on where and when they run. Using the ‘contact’ button you will be able to contact the group via email.


Please Note: If the locator does not yield a result, then your postal code may need to be added to the database by the Help Centre.


Help Centre

Still need help? Please feel free to contact the Scouts Canada Help Centre:

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