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  1. What is Find a Group?
  2. How does the Find a Group page work?
  3. Who do Find a Group requests go to?
  4. How email inquiries work
  5. Find-a-Group Communications Coach(.PDF)




This article will provide a step-by-step breakdown of how anyone can find and connect with local Groups. It will also provide some standard responses that are used by successful Groups.



What is Find a Group?

The 'Find a Group' page is a resource on through which a member of the public can connect with local Scout Groups. Once you have submitted your criteria into the 'Find a Group' locator the closest 10 Groups to the postal code included (and dates/section chosen) are listed.



How does the Find a Group page work? 

To use the Find a Group page, a user will need to enter their postal code, the section they are seeking and the days they prefer. Click here to go directly to the Join page to initiate the 'Find a Group process. 




Who do Find a Group requests go to?

Once a request has been submitted, an email is sent to the Group’s ‘Primary Contact’ and the Section’s ’Primary Contact’, if applicable.  

The Primary Group Contact’s information needs to be populated on the Group Organization Profile in MyScouts (see example below); the same as with the Primary Section Contact under the Section’s Organization Profile. 




Please ensure that the Primary Contact information is current and up to date, and that the person(s) designated as the Primary Contact for the Group and Section is the best person for interested parties to connect with. Typically, a Section Contact Scouter is the Primary Contact for the Section while a Group Commissioner or Group Registrar is the Primary contact for the Group.

The Group Primary Contact does not need to be the Group Commissioner, but can any other designated Scouter who is able to respond to inquiries, both at the Group and Section level, and can do so in a timely manner. Timing is of critical importance with 'Find a Group' contacts as they are often ready to immediately register their child for Scouting.

The Group or Section Primary Contact can be set or changed using the ‘Edit Organization Details’ option on the left side of an Organization page (see example above).

If there is no Section Primary Contact identified in, only the Group's Primary Contact will receive the email. If there is no Section or Group Primary Contact populated in MyScouts the email is sent to the following people in the following order:

  1. Group Registrar
  2. Group Commissioner
  3. Area Registrar
  4. Area Commissioner
  5. Area Support Manager



How Email Inquiries Work

  1. A ‘Find a Group’ request is made
  2. The submission of the 'Find a Group' request creates an email.
  3. The email is automatically sent to the primary contact (and secondary contact if applicable) of the Group that has been selected (see above for more information on the primary Group contact).
  4. The Section and/or Group's Primary Contact(s) responds to the inquiry by simply replying to the email they received. Once they reply, the response will be received.
  5. If the Group’s contact does not respond within 2 days, the email will be automatically reopened and labelled as high priority to draw the attention of the Area Support Manager.
  6. The Area Support Manager will then provide a response to the inquiry, checking for any applicable information from the Group’s profile on
  7. The Area Support Manager will continue to assist the prospective member until they have been successfully connected to a Group. 


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