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The primary responsibility of Parents/Guardians lies with their own child. Parents/Guardians are often asked to help as a program resource person (sharing a skill or hobby) or bringing snacks for Beaver Scouts or Cub Scouts outings. Parents are required to complete screening (as per the Non Scouts Canada Member screening chart) and are always under the supervision of at least two registered Scouters.  Parents are permitted to participate in 3-5 Scouting activities per year before they must become a Scouts Canada member.


How to register and required screening

  • For parents registering into a role as a parent helper or parent overnight; first, in order to confirm that the most up-to-date personal details have been inputted into the system, they will need to complete a volunteer application form and submit the completed form to the Group Registrar. The Group Registrar will then enter your information onto and connect your profile to that of your child(s) if required.
  • Since the Parent Helper and Parent Overnight roles do not require references, this information is NOT required in the form.
  • A Scouter or the Registrar in your group will go over role expectations with you.
  • Once the Group Registrar has the form, they can assign your role to your myscouts profile.
  • Once the role is assigned you can sign into myscouts to accept the code of conduct electronically.
  • If you have any issues with get logging into myscouts, or do not see a code of conduct upon logging in, please contact the help centre.
  • Parent overnight volunteers are required to take ‘Safe Scouting for Parents’ (also referred to in the screening policy as ‘Child and Youth safety’) in the David Huestis Learning Centre, which is accessible through your myscouts log in.
  • Parent helpers do not need to take this training, however you have access to take the training should you feel it beneficial.
  • Please see here a guide for locating and taking the ‘Safe Scouting for Parents’ module in David Huestis.

Role restrictions:

  • As a part of the screening, your presence as a parent helper or parent overnight volunteer will be explained to the youth present.
  • You must be supervised by at least 2 other registered and fully screened adults when with child participants.
  • Parent helpers and Parent overnight volunteers do NOT count for ratio of adults to children.

Help Centre

Still need help? Please feel free to contact the Scouts Canada Help Centre:

Scouts Canada Help Centre


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