How to register as a 'Parent Helper' or 'Parent Overnight' volunteer



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Parents and Guardians are often encouraged to help a section as a program resource person (sharing a skill or a hobby), or invited to attend a camp as a Parent overnight helper.  There are two parent roles that can be assigned to parents of Active section youth in myscouts, these are Parent Helper and Parent Overnight roles.

This article briefly outlines how you, as a parent, can get registered into these roles and gives details on what requirements there are for the Parent Overnight role as well as going over limitations of this role.


How to register and required screening

  • The best first step is for you as the parent to ensure that you can access your myscouts account, and also ensure that when you access your account you are correctly linked to your youth. If you are linked to your youth you will see them under the 'my family' tab. If they do not appear here please contact the Help Centre.
  • Your Group Registrar can then add this role to your profile in myscouts.
  • Once the role is assigned you can sign back into myscouts to accept the code of conduct electronically. No paper required!
  • Parent Overnight volunteers are required to take ‘Safe Scouting for Parents’ training.
  • Parent Helpers do not need to take this training, however you still have access to take the training should you feel it beneficial.


Limitations of Parent roles

The Screening Policy outlines specific screening requirements and limitations of the Parent Helper and Parent Overnight roles.

  • A Scouter in your group will go over role expectations with you.
  • Your presence as a Parent Helper or Parent Overnight volunteer will be explained to the youth present.
  • You must be supervised by at least 2 other registered and fully screened Scouters when with youth.
  • Parent helper and Parent overnight volunteers do not count toward the ratio of Scouters to youth.
  • The primary responsibility of Parents/Guardians always lies with their own child.
  • Parents are permitted to participate in 3-5 Scouting activities per year before they must become a fully registered and screened Scouter.


Help Centre

Still need help? Please feel free to contact the Scouts Canada Help Centre:

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