How to Register My Child (First Time Participant)


  1. Registering Online
  2. How to resume a registration



This article will provide you with a step by step guide on how to set up your MyScouts profile, and register your youth for the first time, if you are a returning member please refer to this article here.


To view frequently asked questions from new parents, please click here.


For a quick start guide on using 'Find a Group', please click here.


 Registering Online

  • In 'Find a Group'. If you see a group you would like to register with, and it has the option to ‘sign in to register’, or ‘register as a participant’, then you can register with the group online! It will also indicate in the same area if the group is full and is not taking any more children this year


  • Going to ‘create an account’ will take you to a page where you can fill in all of your personal information as a parent to create your own myscouts account. Once you have created an account, and re-run the search in 'Find a Group', you should see these links updated as in the screenshot below.                                  


  • Click on ‘register as a participant’. A pop up box will appear, you can confirm the registration year is correct and click ‘continue’.



  • Since you have no family members involved with scouting currently, on the next option you will need to select ‘new member’ as the person you want to register.



  • The next few screens are where you enter all of your child’s details onto the system. This information should be completely accurate and up to date, as these are the details which will be sent to the group you are registering with. Remember that fields marked with a red asterisk are compulsory. Click on ‘save changes’ to advance screens.
  • After entering personal information, plus including any volunteer interest you may have as a parent, you will be faced with the penultimate ‘add role’ screen, here you can double check you are happy with the registration you are making, you can then hit ‘add role’.
  • You will next be asked to read and agree to the terms and conditions regarding the Scouts Canada privacy policy, terms of registration, medical policy and participant agreement. You will be able to read these policies in full on screen at the time.
  • After agreeing to terms and conditions, the registration confirmation screen (as below example) will confirm the registration details and price of the membership fee. Hit ‘continue’ if you are happy with all these details.  


  • The next screen will ask for your payment details



  • When the payment is completedl, you should see a receipt pop up and a green message stating ‘payment approved’ as in the example below. You can print this receipt if required and then hit ‘continue’ to finish the registration. If the payment is unsuccessful you will see a ‘payment declined’ message in red, you will be able to go back and retry if this happens.



How to resume a registration

  • If you abandon this process part way through, you will be able to resume your child’s registration.
  • When you log back into your myscouts profile, you will see a tab titled ‘incomplete registrations’. Simply click ‘resume’ to resume where you left off, or ‘delete’.


Help Centre

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