How to Complete a Refund for a Participant

  1. The refund policy
  2. How to request a refund for a participant




This article is targeted towards Group and Section Scouters. 


For when you have a parent/guardian requesting a refund, this guide will help Scouters firstly ascertain whether or not a parent/guardian is still able to receive a refund, how the parent requests this, and where Group Scouters fit into the refund process.


Step 1: The Refund policy

For registrations made between May 1st and September 30th 2017:

100% refund if requested prior to September 30th 2017

50% refund if requested between October 1-31st 2017

No refund if requested after October 31st 2017


For registrations outside of this period:

100% refund if requested within 30 days of registration date

No refund if requested after 30 days of registration date

*Case example: If a registration was paid for on September 28th, this does not mean that they have only until September 30th to make the request. Requests will be honored if requested within 30 days of registration date.


Step 2: How to request a refund for a participant.

The parent/guardian of the participant must contact  to request a refund.

  • Please note that no person other than the parent/guardian can initiate a refund. 

Step 3: Procedures during the refund process, for Group Commissioners.

After determining if a refund is warranted under the refund policy the Help Centre will notify the Group Commissioner and Area Support Manager who may, at their discretion, contact the parent. 

For refunds for non-online registrations, if applicable, the Scouts Canada national registration fee will be sent back to the group via EFT (electronic funds transfer).


Step 4: For Groups with additional group fees.

The Commissioner will be required to ensure the group refunds the parent for all group registration (if applicable) and to notify the Council Registrar once done.

For online registrations where Scouts Canada has transferred the group fee, the group will refund the group fee to the parent.


Please note: Refunds are issued in the manner in which the original payment was made. Once the refund has been processed, Scouts Canada staff will remove the role from the youth's profile.




Help Centre

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