Youth membership registration fee information for 2016/2017


  1. The National Fee
  2. Group Fees
  3. Subsidies




This article lays out general information about the cost for the youth membership registration fee for Scouts Canada for the 2016/2017 Scouting year.


Exact costs can vary from group to group so your local group is the best one to advise you on specifics.

Please note that Uniform is not included in the membership registration fee. As the year progresses there may be extra costs associated with camping trips, special events, etc. 


Scouts Canada divides its fees into two portions, the National Registration Fee, and a Group Fee (if applicable).


The National Fee: $200 per year per child.

  • A $50 discount is automatically applied to all registrations made after December 31st 2016.


The Group Fee

  • Individual groups can levy an additional fee on top of the National if their programs costs are higher (i.e. rental fee's for regular meeting space or program materials). The typical range for this amount is in the range of $0-$50 per year per child.


If you prefer a specific idea of cost before signing up please connect with your local group, using the Find a Group Locator, to inquire about how much your Scouting experience will cost. 




Scouts Canada offers a subsidy through the 'No One Left Behind' program, to families where financial barriers exist. The goal is to ensure more Canadian youth have access to fun and safe Scouting adventures. To inquire about eligibility and to apply for this subsidy, please email


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