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All Volunteers are registered in 'pending' status by default. This is to allow Commissioners the opportunity to review a volunteers screening and ensure that they are compliant with Scouts Canada's Volunteer Screening Procedure before they are able to participate and wear the Scouter uniform.

This article will instruct Commissioners on how to activate these Volunteers.


For Commissioners:

After Volunteers have completed their mandatory training and screening requirements, they must be manually approved and activated by the Commissioner responsible for their appointment.

As a general rule, the person responsible for confirming a volunteer and switching them to active status, is the Commissioner at the "parent" organization, or one level above the Volunteers type of role (eg. the Group Commissioner confirms the activation for a Section Scouter, or the Area Commissioner confirms the activation for a Group Commissioner).


How to activate a Volunteer

Changes to Volunteer statuses can be done through the "Screening" tab in the Volunteer's profile. This will produce a list of all Pending roles that they are currently registered for and identifying the completion of the individual screening elements. After confirming that all of the mandatory screening and training elements are in place, the Volunteer can be made 'Active' by clicking the 'Activate' button next to the respective role in the screening tab.

In MyScouts the 'Find Individual' option is used to locate Scouters who are Pending or Active. To locate 'Inactive' members use the 'Find Organization' option to search and locate the Group. Once the Group is located the 'Inactive' members tab is visible. Select the yellow icon next to the inactive member's name to pull up their Volunteer Screening. 

Note: The Council Executive Director or their designate (usually Council Registrars) must Approve and Activate a new Volunteer or a returning Volunteer who needed a new PRC at the time of registration.




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