How to remove a registered role - for Group Commissioners

As membership dynamics change, member profiles will need to be updated. This article will instruct you on how to remove a role from member profiles.


Removing a Role

The Group Commissioner and Group Registrar can remove a member role record when required, at any time throughout the year. 

The GC and GR can affect records only within their administrative hierarchy (ie the sections of their particular group).

If a profile only has 1 role, and that role is removed the member will be made inactive, access to this profile will be restricted. Additionally, if a participant role is removed it will not remove the invoice from your batch. This can only be done by and administrator.

  1. Access the member profile window for the member whose member role record is to be removed.
  2. Under the My Roles tab, in the line listing the role to be removed, click on the delete_icon.png icon to the left of the Organization name - the Confirm Remove Role popup window displays.
  3. Review the content of the Confirm Remove Role popup window to ensure that the correct record is being addressed.
  4. To close the Confirm Remove Role popup window without affecting the original data, click on the xmodal.JPG icon.
    To confirm removal of the record, click on the REMOVE ROLE button; the Confirm Remove Role popup window is removed from display and the member profile remains in display - the message Role updated is added to the window and the removed role is no longer listed under the My Roles tab. 
  5. When the record has been inactivated, you will see a message stating that you do not have access to this page.
Primary Role
Following the removal of the member's role, we may have to re-assign the Primary Org to one of the remaining role(s) if the role that was removed was the member's Primary Org prior to the removal of the role. If a member role is not chosen manually after the removal of the Primary Org role, the system will automatically assign a Primary Org overnight, however the role chosen automatically by the system, will not choose the most senior role, it will simply assign Primary Org status to the first role in the list of available roles.
  1. Determine the most senior role from the remaining member roles associated with the individual (see How to add Parent and/or Volunteer role(s) for guidelines on determining the most senior role);
  2. Access the individual profile of the member of which you are going to define a Primary Org;
  3. In the individual profile, select the My Roles tab;
  4. From the list of individual roles, under the Primary Org column, click on the checkbox next to the role which should be marked as the Primary Org.
  5. The individual profile will refresh, and indicate that the member record has been updated successfully.



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