How to prepare for registration periods (checklist included)


  1. Registration Preparation
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This article will provide you with some basic information about preparing your Group for peak registration periods.


Registration Preparation

Scouts Canada is an all-year activity-based organization which includes section weekly meetings, camps/outings and individual activities in the summer (whether run by Council, Area or Group). As such, Group Commissioners and Registrars need to have their organization's (Group and Section) information updated regularly.

Registration planning assists the Group Commissioner and Section Scouters in program year planning by:

  • Knowing your potential numbers for your next program year
  • Knowing how many Scouters will be needed to meet that number plus fall registration numbers
  • Notifying new members of the uniform ordering options and the uniform details


 Checklist for Registration

  • Confirm Group Fees and date parameters for the full date range of the year (make sure that dates cover from May 1st to August 31st, as well as adding any applicable early bird and half year fees) Refer to How to View and Set Organization Fees for a detailed guide

  • Confirm each Section’s meeting locations, days and times

  • Confirm each Section’s contact details are up to date

  • Add summer programming option for detailed information reference 'How to enable Summer Programming Option on the Group Locator.'
  • Confirm each Section’s maximum participant and Volunteer numbers for the entire upcoming year - ensure the Two Scouter Rule and Section Ratio is maintained

  • Test that each Section is listed using Find a Group *If a Section does not appear, please contact the Help Centre (use the red 'Submit a Request' button at the bottom of this article)

Help Centre

Still, need help? Please feel free to contact the Scouts Canada Help Centre.

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