How to View and Set Organization Fees


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  2. View or Delete Group fees
  3. Add fees for an organization
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This article will instruct Group organisers on how to set their groups fees. These fees are necessary to facilitate registrations online.



Please see FAQs on fees here.

  • Fees are entered by the group leadership for both participants and for volunteers. 
  • The group fee is only the fees that the group may levy on top of the national registration fee. This may be a dollar amount, or it may be zero, both require inputting.
  • There is no default fee - the Group must set the fees prior to the registration of members. Registrations will not be possible until the group fees are set.
  • Fees can be viewed throughout the year and special fees can be entered for different time frames (for example, a partial-year fee).


View or delete Group Fees

  1. Access the Group dashboard
  2. Click on the Fees tab, the Fees tab content displays as in the example below:
  3. If a fee needs to be deleted, click on the red button over to the left on the corresponding line, then confirm to delete.
Add Fees for an Organization
  1. Access the group dashboard
  2. From the menu, under Org Options, select Add Fee
  3. The Add/Edit Organization Fees popup window comes into display.
  4. Select Member type, Volunteer or Participant
  5. Select the required registration year.
  6. In the amount field, enter the amount for your group.
  7. Select to and from dates, by either keying in the dates manually or by selecting the dates in the calendar icon.
  8. Click save once you are happy with this.
  9. The newly entered fees can be viewed and checked under the Fees tab.
Edit Fees for an Organization
Fees can be edited at any time throughout the year. 
  1. Access the Group dashboard and click on the Fees tab.
  2. On the line listing the fee to be edited, click on the EDIT FEE button.
  3. The Add/Edit Organization Fees popup window displays and details can be changed here.


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