Spring 2023 Code of Conduct Update FAQ

  1. Why update the Code of Conduct?
  2. When do these changes take effect?
  3. What changes were made?


Why update the Code of Conduct?

The Scouts Canada Code of Conduct is reviewed annually to ensure it remains current in a changing youth safeguarding environment. Regular reviews include obtaining input from Scouters, other National Scouting Organizations, like-minded youth-serving organizations and professional subject matter experts like Respect in Sport and the Canadian Centre for Child Protection. As part of the review this year, we have updated several points to improve clarity, understanding of expectations and youth safety trends that Scouts Canada has experienced.

When do these changes take effect?

They take effect immediately for the 2024 Registration cycle, beginning in Spring 2023. The changes are reflected in the Code of Conduct for Spring Registration to simplify the process.

What changes were made?

Revisions were made to the Code of Conduct after receiving feedback from Scouters and other stakeholders with respect to a few points in the Code of Conduct. Points were added to ensure issues and incidents related to Bullying, Abuse, Harassment and Discrimination are addressed appropriately. Subjects such as the Two-Scouter Rule and transportation have been addressed as well as ensuring youth protection standards are maintained. Clarity, on points from the last versions of the Code of Conduct, was also a priority to address and act upon, such as:

Remember that my conduct must always be obviously safe to others and that my intention does not make a situation safe.


Remember that my conduct must always be obviously safe to others; if I have any doubt about how my actions might be interpreted, I will adopt a safer course of action.

These changes are largely reflective of feedback reviewed over time and are in keeping with best practices across the youth-serving sector.


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